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Almost there!

Last installment before I finish her up. The tracks are fitted, tools spare tracks and some toning down of the cammo, and of course the beer of the day!

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to Almost there!

  1. Looking good,Rob, the tracks are very impressive now you’ve fitted them.

  2. I take it your using dark beer (is that a Porter or a Stout) to brush it on the running gear and post shade the seams and cracks for a toning downing of the greens,browns and panzer yellow? 😉
    What ever your doing it seems to be working.

    Steve T

  3. Like George said, those tracks are awesome, dude! And now that you’ve “toned down” the paint job, THAT looks awesome (now) too. Here’s to Beer!

  4. Thanks as always guys, Stephen the beer is a very hoppy 7.5% dark IPA from Portland Oregon. It is not “skunky” like some IPAs can be, but very full bodied and rich. And Craig yes after toning down the paint it is much more realistic. One key for this method of painting is, you start bold so that the colors are still rich and vibrant after the weathering process is complete. Here is a link to James Blackwell’s article on the subject:

    • The craft beer movement has really started to take off. Oregon being the eye of the hurricane for craft beer lovers for several years. In Minnesota the IPA to be seen with is SURLY with 100 IBU’s . Some folks who take a shine to this brew are call “Hop Heads” Rob Pollock’s vignette idea of the vignette would really make your model pop out Rob. The paint job is looking smart and really catches the eye.

  5. I think this model would look great in a natural setting, a vignette of some kind to show the effectiveness of this kind of camo in the field. Nicely painted.

  6. I ave thought of a vignette and may go that way we shall see, I have also experimented over the years with alternate style displays incorporating maps and photographs to give a historical setting. She does seem to be worth the effort of a display though!

  7. Great work, man but the Panther was a good looking tank!

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