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Eduard Yak-3

My first completed project for 2015 is Eduard’s 1/48 Yak-3.

The markings are for Yellow 15 flown by Semion Rogow, 1st Guard’s Division in 1945.

It’s one of the early Profi Pack editions dating back to the late nineties, & I picked this kit up second-hand a couple of years back. It has the obligatory photo-etch fret as well as resin wheels and the canopy mask.

For a kit that’s pushing eighteen years (yes is it really that long ago!) the decals were in pretty good shape, and I had no problems with them at all.

I used Agama paints, for the underside their Pale Blue R2M, which is the equivalent of AMT-17:

Topside colours were Blue Grey R7M, (AMT-11), and Light Grey R3M.

I did the usual pre-shading/post shading/salt weathering & pin washes. Detailed photos of the build can be found in the Work in Progress – Aircraft section under 1/48 Eduard Yak-3.

Glad to answer any question or comments you might have, but in the meantime thanks for looking.

32 responses to Eduard Yak-3

  1. Nicely done, Marek….tell me – how did you achieve that particular lay-out format with a narrative placed between all large pics?
    Do you copy and paste a photo link under each sentence all within the ‘comments’ body rather than post the pics using the ‘select’ option?
    I trust I worded that inquiry in a manner in which you can understand what I’m referring to.

  2. Hi Craig, thanks for the comments. re posting pictures and text together, all you need to do in the commentary box is to list the photos using the [ ] keys. So when your photos upload they’ll be listed as pic1, pic2, pic3 etc. Add your text as you do normally, then put the photo number in parenthesis afterwards like so: [picX] and hit return, and then add more text, and then add another photo number..
    It’s that easy.

  3. The Yak 3 and Mig 3 are my favourite fighters of the Great Patriotic War. The clean lines of this fighter is beautiful. You did a great job on this one!!!!

  4. Like Morne mentioned, I too like the Yak. one of those airplanes that looks fast while standing still.
    You did a very nice job of this one. Looks great

  5. Superb presentation, Marek.

  6. Fantastic. I want to build one too now. 🙂

  7. Thats a beauty, Marek. Great work on a well photographed Jak.

  8. Very nice Marek, those fine lines look great sir.
    Well done mate.

  9. Very nice work on this model. The Yak-3 is definitely the best-looking of the Yakovlev fighters.

    • Thanks Tom, & yep I agree with your comment about the Yak-3 being the nicest looker out of that particular Yak family; especially when you see the early Yak-1’s & 7’s which are more akin to the “Hurricane” in looks compared to the -3’s which if you run with the analogy is more like the Spitfire.

  10. Really nice-delicate work.

  11. Good start to 2015, Marek, it’s certainly a beautiful looking aircraft, and you’ve made a great job of it, neat build, very nice finish and great photographs.

  12. Very nicely done, Marek.

  13. Marek,
    Beautifully done. Xcellent work

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