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Hasegawa 1/48 scale Mitsubishi A6M5

I didn’t want to miss “Zeke week”.

I decided to go all out on this one, with Eduard set belts, brake lines, built a copper wire antenna tension spring, wire the engine, cockpit. drill out the exhaust ends and gun barrels. However it didn’t take long to destroy the long rifle barrels, and had less success with constructing new ones out of sprue. I turned to hypodermic needles. The problem was how to reproduce the flash suppressors at the end of the barrels. I tried adding sprue, resin, shrink tubing and flaring out the needle itself with heat and/or friction. just prior to sentencing this project to a never to be reopened box of shame, I came up with an idea of using a 20 gauge needle, over the top of a 23 gauge needle. I first tapered the 20 gauge needle by chucking it into a dremel and at slow speed sanding it at the appropriate angle. I then slipped it over the smaller needle and glued it into place, then cut to the needed length.

Over all, this is a very nice kit. No problems with the build.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses to Hasegawa 1/48 scale Mitsubishi A6M5

  1. Nice lookin’ build, Terry…..good work.

  2. Zeke Week – I like it.

    Always good to see another example of Empire of Japan aircraft at this level of quality.

    • Thanks Rob. As for this one, it depicts one off the Zuiho (kit markings). I have another one from the rising sun I’d like to post, but I see I’m going to have to tune up my photography skills some .My pictures are a little fuzzy and I can’t figure out the dark halo around the national insignias. That’s not on the model, just the picture.

  3. Not too much wrong with your photographs, Terry, or your model for that matter, I only wish I had a Zeke to post to join in.

  4. I can only echo all of the positive remarks. One niggle, is that there are few photos. I like Tolga’s photography. He uses natural sun light and I’ll bet he uses a Tripod. He does some excellent modeling on imodeler. It would be neat if Martin or someone with experience in lighting, photography and composition could do a article on the basics of doing photography. I’ve learned not to photograph my models on picnic tables or on the drive-way or near the bushes, it helps to keep the family pets in the house. Yet, I envision taking photos that will make the cover of some modeling mag …only to find out that the poor sod doing the pics needs to read more “Photography for Dummies.”

  5. Nice work on the Zeke, Terry.

  6. Terry:
    Good looking Zero!
    The Hasegawa 48th A6M5A and the Tamiya are (now) pretty close in price. The Tamiyas price when it came out was more, around here. After gulping, I bought one, anyhow. It’s a beaut.
    By the by, Tamiya has a detailing set for theirs, which includes brass cannon, which have open muzzles. Also, brass origami wheel chocks.Groovy!

  7. Just something about Tamiyas Zeroes. Hasegawa is not bad, but Tamiya (even their older Zeroes) somehow better looks the part.
    Also, with their new A6M5 you also get the figures, a seated pilot, and the four standing ones, each a little different. Wish they’d do a set of groundcrew.
    Their older late Zeke (and the Hamp) has the waving ground figures. Banzai!

  8. Great work on a sharp looking fighter well done.

  9. I’ve seen the model up close and personal and it looks great. His D3A Val is a real cracker, too!

  10. Terry,
    Beautifully done. Ya dun good……

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