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Last Call…….The Panther is Finished!

Well the Pub has to close sooner or later! Here is my Cat warts and all. I started with a base I had decoupaged a map and some period photos, a simple word generated name plate, then added some cement patch painted an appropriate “dirt” color. Upon this I added some grasses, spices from the kitchen for leaves and some railroad scale grass for moss on rocks. For the Panther pastels were used as well as a flat base pigmented a “dust” color I mixed up myself. Lastly I sprayed the whole tank and groundwork with another dust/flat coat spray to blend it all together. Lastly the bench is clean and ready for the next project!

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to Last Call…….The Panther is Finished!

  1. striking finish as usual…great effort as all ways

  2. Thanks, I think I will re edit the pics though they came out bit too saturated

  3. A real gem of a tank. It looks great Rob. Only thing missing would be a couple of kill markings on the gun. 🙂

  4. That turned out great, Rob….nice work!

  5. Sooooperb Rob 🙂 Love the base/presentation too. Great work.

  6. Wicked good build, very imaginative base, never recall viewing this type of display at a show. Super job!

  7. A very nicely built and presented Panther Rob.
    Like the base.
    Well done sir.

  8. Very nice Rob, the model looks great. I don’t build armor, but tanks are cool. The base is very clever and very well done. Nice work.

  9. The base really sets it off very well, Rob, great work, I’ve enjoyed watching your progress. Maybe you will post the next one as a work in progress thread in the armour group?

  10. Yes George I think I will do that!

  11. Hi Rob, i missed this like a lot of other builds here, to see it finished.
    Thats a really great looking build and well presented, the guy on the basement is Kurt Knispel?
    After a look in Spielbergers Panther book, i would rate your camo scheme spot on !
    Great Build, the mixture of modelling with a good beer is quite epic, many years ago, i started the big Tamiya Yamato and bought me some bottles of Saki, after all this did not worked so properly, as i thought 🙁

  12. Thanks Bernd, Sake can be some very dangerous juice! I was stationed in Japan for 4 years and saw many a young sailor go down for the count after drinking it!

  13. That stuff is quite evil for a non japanese, i don t get far these evening.

  14. Rob,
    Catching up on my review of articles. This is stunning. I like everything about it and the base is extremely clever.

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