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Monogram 48th Phantom

A while back I tried my hand at a “splinter” camouflage scheme ala Keith Ferris on an F-15 Eagle.

This time I gave it another go with the Monogram F-4C. I still haven’t gotten the result(s) I’d hoped for, but perhaps it could have been worse I suppose. If my old nemesis of the “hurry up and finish it” syndrome hadn’t reared its’ ugly head, it might have turned out better. I’ll have another chance on the next build – I’m gonna try this same paint job (or a ‘similar’ paint job, I should say), on a Tomcat next. I also have an F-18 [Blue Angels edition] which just may receive the same application…we’ll see.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

28 responses to Monogram 48th Phantom

  1. Another fine looking model, Craig. The F4 is a perennial favourite. I’d like to see a Tomcat in this configuration, too.

  2. I take it Craig that it was painted with the normal rattle cans?
    Looks great mate.
    Looking forward to the next offerings in this scheme.

  3. Hello Craig…Now that’s an interesting concept for a F-4 paint scheme. That vintage Monogram kit.turned out quite well and looks good in the photos. Like Rob and Simon mentioned, I too look forward to seeing your next build.

  4. Craig: Amazing Ferris-Heater type scheme. And done with rattle cans, to boot.
    Shes a beauty!
    Looking forward to the Tomcat.

  5. It looks very nice Craig. I am supporting Rob in calling for a Ferris F-14. Well done!!!

  6. Great paint job using “rattlecans”, nice crisp edges!

  7. I love the Phantom – got more of them in my stash than any other subject – and really like the livery you gave this one. Nice job!

  8. that’s pretty darn cool…but no rags there looks like you had to break out the old masking tape

  9. Nice one Craig! Love those good old Monogram Phantoms!

  10. These aging sprus are no picnic….you did your Phantom-up proud. Looks great.

  11. I always look forward to your postings, Craig, and this one is no exception, excellent camouflage scheme expertly carried out in an exemplary manner, I expect there are more to come. (how many more words beginning with ex can you get in one comment?} Oh yeah, and the Phantom is one of my favourite jets.

  12. Your Ferris birds are really nice builds, Craig. Like the clean and precise paint work.

  13. Looks really good to me – what results weren’t you happy with. I agree with the other posts here – looks darn good to me (as does all your work)!

  14. Craig,
    Another great model by the “Rembrant of the rattle can”

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