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Tamiya 1/72 scale P-47 D

This is my first posting on imodeler. I had a friend post some of my work a while back. I’ve finally got enough computer savvy in me to try it myself. So here goes:

Whenever I get stressed out over a tough project I seek out a kit that is pure joy. For me that’s these beautiful little Tamiya 1/72 kits. Simple to build and yet very well detailed and with a little extra work, the model Gods will treat you right. For this one, I added some Eduard PE seatbelts, bored out the gun barrels and custom made the pitot tube out of a hypodermic needle. Small gauge wire was added to the drop tank and also used to make the sway bar braces on the bomb racks.

The metal finish was done with Alclad duraluminian and Model master metalizer. The decals were taken from various sources in my private stash.
Eventually, the plan is to present this model to my good friend in Normandy who has a wonderful B&B about a mile up from Omaha beach.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

24 responses to Tamiya 1/72 scale P-47 D

  1. Welcome to iModeler, Terry….that is an outstanding build in ANY scale, but 1/72nd? I’ve seen larger scale(s) that weren’t as good (mine spring to mind). 🙁
    “…I bored out the gun barrels…” – WHAT? In THAT scale? I can’t imagine! From what I’m seeing, I’m definitely looking forward to more of your work. Great job!

  2. Your friend will appreciate your attention to detail and skill!

  3. Nice build. Very clean with great attention to detail.

  4. AWESOME! Well done 🙂

  5. What a beautiful rendering of a P-47 – thanks for contributing to the group!

  6. great job…on a complicated lovely scheme

  7. Terry – love your work, as I only build 72 scale. I have to ask – how on earth did you bore out the gun barrels?

    • Greg, I think I may have to clarify on the gun barrels. I hope no one thinks I bored them completely through. I used a pin vice with a needle in it to pin point the center, then very slowly drill down about 1 to 1.5 mm, or a little more than 1/32 of an inch. Don’t forget the magnifying glasses. Another thing to have on hand is some round spure stock. I’ve wrecked as many as I done right.

  8. Hello Terry and welcome to imodeler. You did a fine job on that Thunderbolt and it’s one of the best 1/72nd P-47 builds that I’ve seen. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  9. Terry
    The thunderbolt is an impressive looking aircraft in any scale but what you have achieved here is impressive and sets the bar higher for those of us who do the majority of our modelling in this scale.

  10. Shucks, I thought it was 1/32, myself. It’d be a beauty in ANY scale.

  11. That’s a beautiful looking model, Terry. The finish is superb. Well done!!!

  12. That is a gem, you made a good kit excellent.

  13. Lovely Jug Terry, great NMF finish.

  14. Beautiful workmanship, as everyone else says it’s amazing it’s in 1/72 since it looks bigger due to the detail work. As someone who’s written about the 78th FG, I don’t recall a “Lucky Strike” in the 84th FS – was that your own creation, or from a decal sheet I am unaware of – inquiring minds want to know!

    • Tom. It is a fictitious name, or as I like to call it “artist discretion”. Being you are knowledgeable of this group, there is a popular picture of a downed 78th FG P-47 on one of the Normandy beaches. Looks like it belly landed up near a sea wall. Any info????

  15. Tom. It is a fictitious name, or as I like to call it “artist discretion”.

  16. Great modelling, Terry, very convincing, I’m sure it will impress many visitors when displayed in the B&B (is that what they call such places in France, maybe guesthouse wuold be better!).

  17. Now, all we need are pics of the 6 OTHER 72nd scale Tamiya Thunderbolts you built.


  18. Splendid Thunderbolt, you are a great modeller !

  19. A superb finish. Well done.

  20. Terry,
    Great on on this.

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