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1/48th scale SBD Dauntless

Against my better judgement, I find myself posting this less-than-stellar (and last) of my foray into the tri-color paint schemes. Aside from the [obvious] painting errors – and generic markings – it was a pretty straight forward build with few problem areas. I’ve also included a few pics of the display area wherein she lies. I thank you for your patience and indulgence.

17 additional images. Click to enlarge.

29 responses to 1/48th scale SBD Dauntless

  1. Looks good! I appreciate the Ferris camo on your F-4 too!

  2. Is this the Accurate Miniatures Dauntless? Looks great Craig.

  3. Craig, it looks fine to me. A great companion to the Wildcat and the rest of your marvelous NAVAIR collection.
    What a fine collection of Navy/Marine aircraft you have!
    I also really like the F4 with the Sundowners CAG tail markings. That is just the best hiviz that ever there was, IMHO.

  4. I’m glad to see you resisted the temptation to drill out the dive brake holes.
    I tried, and that’s how come the kit reposes on the shelf of doom.
    Several drill bits and reverting to them words I learned in the Army and on the loading dock afterwards, of course.
    Thank God for Accurate Miniatures! I might have a fighting chance with that one.

  5. Looks good the Dauntless, the engine and cockpit detail looks amazing, as well as your USAAF aircraft collection. Trouble with me is I hardly build US Aircraft (apart from a AMT 1/48 P-40 in my stash – I love P-40’s) Like to build Eduard 1/48 Hellcat though, highly recommend it if your interested in US naval aircraft

  6. Craig, it looks pretty good from here ! I always liked that color combo especially with the red border insignia’s. Looks like you’ve invested well in blue paint.

  7. For rattle cans they look quite good Craig. Nice collection

  8. Super group of naval a/c, Craig. All well done.

  9. Hello Craig…That Dauntless looks fine to me and it’s hard to believe you achieved that paint job with a rattle can. No wonder you’re sometimes called the rattle can king. I enjoyed seeing those photos of your collection. A nice batch of models for sure.

  10. That display looks like the warbird flightline of my dreams! Even a Devestator! (I can’t seem to build a camouflaged one. They have all ended up silver and yellow. My new one probably will be as well. :-D) Oh how great these would sound idling together!

  11. A fine display there Craig, nice job on the Dauntless too.
    Thanks for posting mate.

  12. Nice Dauntless, and collection as well! At one point a few years back, I had to make the decision to stick with 1/72 – mostly to conserve on shelf space! Otherwise I would have to invest in a home about twice the size…!

  13. Looks great, Craig. A clean and beautiful Dauntless !

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