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1/72 LS Mitsubishi Type 96 G3M Attack Bomber “Nell”

G3M1 of Ominato Kokutai based at Ominato in autumn 1937 (according to “Flying Colors”.

I was “trapped” into doing this scheme by the limited clear parts contained in the kit. The more colorful schemes were for other versions. Apparently LS produced 6-8 variants of the “Nell”. I chose this version because of the “flat” turrets, which are seldom seen.

For a kit this old, the fit was decent, as was the exterior detail. I enjoyed it’s unusual shape, (Dornier-like?), and as you can tell, didn’t put a lot of effort into it. Unfortunately the decals, being as old as the kit, were almost useless. I pieced together what I could, put them on, and tried painting in what ever had shattered too badly. Certainly not a contest model, but it dwarfs my former two Japanese builds, sitting on the shelf. Quite a variety so far…

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to 1/72 LS Mitsubishi Type 96 G3M Attack Bomber “Nell”

  1. …” Dornier-like…” ? When I first saw the thumbnail on ‘headlines’, my first thought it was a B-25. Anyhow, it sure looks like they copied SOMEBODY.

    • Yeah, Craig. That was a thought also, twin tail and all, but I dared not mention it since the B-25 has literally reached “sainthood” in many eyes… The stubby nose and slender fuselage, reminded a little of the Do-24 (or not).

  2. I think in the ’20s and ’30s the Japanese bought-in expertise from both the Germans and (ironically) the British, to develop their airforce, so similarities are bound to arise among the types.

  3. I believe there were 3 of this aircraft from LS, the earlier, as seen here, a later one, with the “turtleback” top turret, and the civilian record breaking version the Ha-Go. Hasagawa had one, a later version.
    Agree the flat turrets earlier one is the more interesting of the trio. I’m thinking the turrets were man powered?
    This was pretty exotic stuff when it hit here, along with the earlier Tamiya 1/50th stuff, and the Marusan/UPC Dinah, Babs, Jake and (?) Mitsubishi triplane torpedo bomber.

  4. The first flight of the G3M predates the B-25 by five years – 1935 vs. 1940. If I remember correctly, it was Nell and G4M Betty bombers that sank the British battleships Repulse and Prince of Wales three days after Pearl Harbor.

    Good looking model, Joe.

  5. Them ailerons look like those of our old chum Herr Doktor Junkers.

  6. Nice job Joe, the Japanese made some graceful looking airplanes.
    Well done mate.

  7. I agree with Simon’s comment above, and the colour scheme suits it very well. What’s next, Joe?

    • Thanks, guys. There are a few in the pipeline, George. I’m leaning toward a 1/72 Cutlass, or a 1/144th Clipper, but there’s also a 1/48 P-40 which is part of a group build. There are plenty of completed models to choose from too.

  8. That’s a cool looking airplane. Nice job. 🙂

  9. Well done Joe, you always come up with something different.

  10. Looks great, Joe. And you are right, this can be the japanese version of the flying pencil.
    Well done !

  11. Joe,
    Great job on an overlooked, significant Japanese airplane. Great job. I would like to see this in 1/48

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