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Accurate Miniatures A-36 Apache

This 1/48th scale kit is typically AM in quality and fit. Nothing added that wasn’t included in the box. Anything “atypical” is [sadly] user-error. I completed the entire build in a weekend. There are obvious omissions (antenna wire, nav lights, etc.). Haste is my nemesis. Once I get into a build, I like to see the end result and “instant gratification” takes over. 🙁

As you can see, I’ve been relegated to displaying my builds one behind the other – perhaps I should invest in additional shelving rather than plastic airplane models, huh?

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

39 responses to Accurate Miniatures A-36 Apache

  1. Nice looking Stang , Craig . I have a little trick I use on running lights That you might want to try . I use MM Crome silver over coated with eather transparent red or green and then clear gloss . Works for me , or as we used to say close enough for government work !

  2. Nice ‘weekender’ Craig. This aircraft always a worthwhile modelling subject.

  3. She looks very nice indeed. I like the mission markings on the fuselage. Well done. Display area for my models are diminishing and hampers my efforts to build tbe rest of my stash. 😉

  4. A favorite airplane of mine, looks good. See you’ve got the “Need a bigger house” syndrome. Try having multiple hobbies and a converted bungalow.

  5. Hi Craig, really nice build on the A36. Nice paint job and build Finnish.

    Regards Steve.

  6. Haste is your nemesis? You’re not the only one….

    As always I like seeing the models you build, good job!

  7. Hello Craig…Good to see the A-36 with those neat markings. Those AM kits are excellent to work with. Looks like you may need to add a few more shelves soon to display your extensive model collection.

  8. Craig,

    Looks great. May I add to you your display problem?
    Perhaps you can ask your wife to give up one of her closets. After all what’s more important than a good model display.

  9. Nice and clean Mustang, Craig. Looks like a great weekend.

  10. Very good build and paint finish. I like your collection of finished models. Thanks for sharing Craig.

  11. Nice work as ever Craig. A fine finish with the cans sir.
    Well done mate.

  12. Nice build, I don’t see any “floaty things” in your collection…

  13. Great looking Apache Craig. It’s nice to know there’s a real one that takes to the air again as well. You display area reminds me of a roofer my parents knew when I was younger. He had two hobbies, model building and gardening. we would go over so my Mom could look at flowers and my Dad and I would look at planes!
    How is it that AM went out of business? I have two kits from them, this one and a McLaren M8B and it looks like they did planes and cars equally well. Shoulda been a home run!

    • I’ve got some pics of an A-36 undergoing restoration…it’s long gone by now, but I’ve no idea where. TC explained why AM went under, but I don’t recall under which thread it was. You can do an extensive search of my blog and look for his comment(s) – there are few…shouldn’t take long – or you can ask him again. Or maybe he’ll see this one. Or not.

  14. Maybe it’s a bit cramped but the planes on your display shelves look great! As does this A-36!

  15. Very nice. Love the whole display.

  16. Nice work Craig – I envy you being able to get so many kits done so quickly! Some day…

  17. that looks really cool

  18. Wow an impressive collection Craig, duly impressed.

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