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Airfix 1/72 Vickers Valiant

This is the Airfix 1/72 Vickers Valiant B1 one of 3 RAF V bombers Vulcan and the Victor are the other two. Excellent and easy kit for its size to build, have altered some parts such as the main undercarriage doors and some of the panel lines which were wrong on the kit, but overall builds into a nice model.

Hope you like

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19 responses to Airfix 1/72 Vickers Valiant

  1. Hi Kevin. Congrats with this build. This looks awesome!!! Did you use enamel or acrylic paint for the anti-flash white paint scheme? Well done!!!

  2. Hi
    All my paints I use are acrylic, I sprayed the whole model with Tamiya fine white primer, micro meshed this down then applied a generous covering of Tamiya gloss white using my airbrush, which gave it semi gloss finish, I finished the whole model by spraying Johnsons Klear

  3. Thanks Kevin. I appreciate the info.

  4. An immaculate build. Beautiful.

  5. that looks about perfect

  6. Nice job, Kevin…so tell me – just what are the dimensions of that kit in that scale? Not having a “common object” for reference in one of the pics keeps me guessing. Again, nice build.

  7. Very nice! Thanks for sharing Kevin

  8. Wow, very nice. For some reason big a%*! white jets never look good, but this one does. You did a great job on this Kevin. Very well done. Thanks for sharing

  9. Lovely job on a big kit for 1/72.
    I have always wanted to build all three V. Bombers but probably never will, the Victor being harder to find.
    Well done sir.

  10. One detail I noticed and have to ask about – how did you pick out the windscreen wipers so well? I’m building a 1/72 AC-119K and am facing a similar need. (By the way – great build!)

  11. A very subtle job weathering this Kevin, and I was also wondering the same as Greg on the wipers. Normally I build 1/48, but this and a Vulcan have made it into the stash. I just have to wonder why a Victor is so hard to find!

  12. Kevin,
    Excellent workmanship

  13. Awesome build, great finish

  14. Excellent build Kevin, just as it is difficult to make an all black plane to pop, an overall white one can as well. This one has character for lack of a proper term, subtle weathering on an unusual bomber you don’t see built often. I have a Revell Victor in this scale bought over 10 years ago from Roll Models, slowly have been accumulating some mods for it over the years. Got the decals for a Gulf War bird, but still need to get the even rarer and expensive detail set from HighFlight. Again thanks for sharing

  15. The only aftermarket part I added was the engine intakes which made the process of eliminating the seam easier, the wheel bay doors were altered as Airfix got this wrong

  16. Great job, Kevin. It looks very nice, indeed !

  17. Excellent work on the big beast, well done!

  18. Superb model Kevin. You’ve given it a fantastic finish with subtle weathering & attention to details. Very nice finish on the windscreens too, with sharp framing. Airfix should do a Victor too!

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