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March 15, 2015 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.6K

These long lesting workhorses are slowly getting ready for the scrap yard.
Lets not forget they saved many lives and transported thousands of troops world wide.

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  1. Nicely presented, Dirk. You've brought out a lot of detail in this small scale.

  2. Excellent build !

  3. Absolutely outstanding Dirk! Well done!

  4. Very cool build Dirk. Some great detail. Love the rotors!
    I have the big Trumpeter CH-47 in the stash, it looks like a project and a half!

  5. master piece

  6. Lovely work Dirk.
    Looks good from here.
    Well done mate.

  7. Great build and paintjob!
    Another one of those unsung heroes that do the dreary jobs and get little cretdit for it.

  8. Great looking helo, Dirk. Good stuff!

  9. A very smart,sharp and crisp build. Another helping of photos please?

  10. Stellar workmanship, sir...stunningly finished. Two thumbs up!

  11. Dirk, that the Fujimi? Where did you get the decals? Beats the gray ones so prevalent nowadays.

    • Hello Bernard,
      Indeed, Fujimi. The decals are from Super Scale (USA).
      They had several schemes, Baseflights for Navy and Marine Corps Aviation. The Navy has number 72-120.
      Baseflights are often very colorfull aircraft. I just ordered the decals for the UH-1N in 1/48 scale. Baseflights for several Stations and Navy or Marine Corps choices. (Fireball Modelworks) USA.
      Any more questions, just shoot.

  12. Dirk,
    Outstanding... Beautiful workmanship. Love the USMC. Hooorah!

  13. Really a wonderful model Dirk. What more can I say!
    California Steve

  14. Nice model of an often fogotten prototype, Dirk.

  15. Really nice! Didn't read the fine print thought it was the big 48th scale from MRC. Great job blade fold is real neat looking

  16. Hi there,
    Thanks for the positive comments.
    Have been working on my Dutch carrier.

  17. Yes lovely model Dirk.

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