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Dying Hulks….

The post below put me in mind of a sight I came upon while at a restoration facility…it was rather sad to see these airplanes rotting away in the Florida sun. Of course, it was some time ago and hopefully they were hauled into the hangar to begin their ‘new life’. It makes one wonder how much these examples would be worth fully restored…and how much it would cost to make them that way.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to Dying Hulks….

  1. There’s certainly something poignant about examples of advanced technology superseded by The New.

    These photos touch on the high end of the phenomenon. The low end is the guy sitting on a train, who takes out his phone-brick in a carriage full of iPhones – to smug glances and general sniggering all round….

    (You all know General Sniggering – same outfit as Major Cock-Up.)

  2. Very nice photos Craig. The F 101 would be an awesome sight at an airshow if restored. There is some very nice photos online of the AMARG boneyard.

  3. The “Tracker” would look good if made “flight worthy” in appearence.

  4. The problem with Morne’s idea is the Voodoo is probably still owned by the USAF and just “on loan” making registration (a requirement for a return to flight) impossible. Now if a Canadian CF-101 could be purchased, you might stand a chance of seeing one fly as the J57s are still around. (And to feed TWO of them, holy cow!) I myself was bummed about Colling’s not getting a 105, as they were going to put one in the air.
    On the other pictures, the Intruder skeleton is very interesting and quite a study on how she’s put together!

    • Thanks Josh. I was not aware that the USAF maintain ownership of scrapped aircraft from the 1950’s. I am aware of those at their AMARG facility still being on USAF inventory. However, it would be an awesome sight to have it fully restored as part of a flight of Century Series warbirds!!!

      • Morne, in the museum I volunteer for, every so often the owning agency comes by to make sure we aren’t doing anything unusual to “their” airplanes. Also, that minimal care is being done, given the usual lack of funds and volunteers.
        As to actuall flying them, two issues. First, the engines on ours are either time expired, or blown. Second. our insurance would (literally) skyrocket. Just starting one up. $$$$$.
        I had a tour at the Smithsonian restoration facility some years back. The docent told us that all the restored aircraft in the museum(s) had disabled engines. They don’t want some former jock or loon to go under the ropes, climb in, and fire up “his” aircraft, like in the old days.

        • Have a look-, see the flight line.
          We also have 2 more or less complete disassembled AM-1 Maulers, and an F5E, Huey,and a twin Beech. Latter 2 currently under restoration.
          Also, a rear fuselage and the wingtip floats to a Seamaster.(!) I’ve seen the floats, so far.

          • I’m kind of upset that all the P6Ms were scrapped. Although the book by Stan Piett makes it sound like there’s still one around, albeit in pieces. The Mauler is a pretty rare bird. Isn’t it the seed that the Skyraider grew from?
            I will definitely have to visit the museum when I’m in the area.

          • I must admit I’d never heard of a “Mauler”….I had to Google it to see what it was. To answer Josh, it does kinda look like it has a Skyraider lineage.

  5. Nice pics, Craig. Where were they taken in Florida ? Looks very interesting.

  6. Craig, is that MIG 21 an SMT? I’m not a WARPAC expert, just going by the size of the spine on her.

  7. Josh, I work for Stan, he’s the head archivest, and I’m his left hand assistant.
    Let me know when you’re in the area, and I’ll give you the behind the scenes tour. I haven’t seen the P6M fuselage pieces, but the head painter tells me they are on site.
    Maybe Stan will give you his autograph, or sign one of his books for you.
    The AM-1 Mauler was in competition with the Skyraider. Skyraider got the nod, and the AMs went to the reserves.
    Me, I like the photo where the AM is packing 3 torpedoes…..

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