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F6F-5 Hellcat / Eduard 1/48 scale

For years I’ve seen the pictures of the burning Hellcat on the deck, with the pilot ducked down trying to escape the flames. The picture of this incident prominently displayed in almost every World War 2 book covering the war in the Pacific. The most popular picture is the one of #58, with the sides wrinkling due to the heat of the fire.

While researching this project I came across a video showing the entire incident. It occurred onboard the USS Randolph in April or May 1945. As Hellcat # 59, carrying an older style white belly tank, landed, the belly tank ruptured, (It appears that the fuel tank went through the prop). The spreading flames engulfed #59, but also spread to #58 waiting to take off.

Both pilots escaped and are seen leaving the scene with some assistance from the firefighters, but are walking on their own.
The assigned pilot of # 59 was Lt. Daniel Carmichael. However he may not have been the pilot on the day of the incident.
I was trying to come up with an interesting marking for an all blue Hellcat, as an over-all / dipped in blue paint scheme is difficult to look like anything but just blue.
I always wanted to build one of the Hellcats from this incident but because of the large & unusual font of the large numbers, the project escaped me. But finally, thanks to the wonderful people at # 59 had emerged.
The model build did have its problems, (some self inflicted) but after resisting numerous thoughts of tossing the entire project against the wall. I completed the long desired result.
The national insignias were painted on by using mask, produce by Miracle Mask (they work great).
Photographing this color is extremely difficult, for some reason it keeps insisting on being darker than it really is.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

21 responses to F6F-5 Hellcat / Eduard 1/48 scale

  1. Hello Terry….WOW, that is an outstanding build of a F6F-5 Hellcat, one of the best I’ve ever seen. The paint job is flawless as is the application of the markings. An excellent choice of subjects and a very fine model. Just beautiful.

  2. Very nice indeed.

  3. love it terry, great job.

  4. Nice job mate, looks really good.

  5. Terry,
    This is outstanding. The finish is great and you did a great overall job on this. I’m impressed with the painted on national insignias. building models beats the [email protected]#^ out of patrol doesn’t it.

  6. Now THAT’S a nice F6F! Very nice build indeed, thanks for sharing.

  7. Very impressive!!!!

  8. Terry, great Hellcat! The insignia turned out really well!

  9. Superb example, sir….exquisitely finished and photographed – that’s nice work right there.

  10. Very nice Terry. Beautiful finish & your background story gives it a lot of character as well. I haven’t built my Eduard kit yet…… Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Tony. In my opinion the Eduard kit was not an easy build and had some fit issues due to being over engineered. This build took me twice as long as it should have. In the end I was happy with the results, but you have to be very friendly with it.

  11. Beautiful Hellcat, great finish. Along with an interesting story, well done.

  12. Wonderful Hellcat – do you know if they have a decal set in 1/72? I really like the scheme and have a couple of kits to do.

  13. Great job. I know the Blue is lighter than this but she still looks great; Not too flat, not too glossy. You might want to consider submitting photos to the Fundekals gallery.


  14. Never mind – looked it up, and they’ve got it in 72! I’m building one!!

  15. Really nice ! Congratulations !
    Fun this Eduard kit, isn’t it Terry?

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