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*** Medieval Spawn ***

March 29, 2015 · in Uncategorized · 13 · 1.9K

Greetings :
Here one I thought was lost. I am unpacking stuff and putting up my own room, I just brought a new home and while getting my break I popped in this cd and I found this one.
I thought it would be nice to share and that way I wont set an only NASCAR modeler image.

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  1. Nice mini, Erick. Good to see some fantasy figure work here. Maybe a few images under controlled lighting would be good, as the external light tends to wash out the details. Base work also looks good.

  2. OK...what the hell IS it..? I don't really know what I'm lookin' at, so it's hard to make an objective comment. 🙁

    Please enlighten those of us unfamiliar with the genre.

    • Well... There are many 'sculpts' of figures based on fantasy creatures, ogres, goblins, mythic heros, etc., most of which were originally developed for war gaming boards (28mm - sometimes known as 'minis'), but after a while people took an interest in the subjects themselves as painting subjects. These are generally too small for me, but you can get them in scale equivalents of 1/32 and 1/24. Also many more recognisable figures based on historical or military history. It's generally seen as an opportunity to develop painting skills for metal, flesh, leather, and the like, which naturally can be transferred to other more standard subjects, a 101st Airborne figure or Waffen SS bust, for example.

      • Ah...that explains it nicely. Not being a sci-fi - gamer - figure - modeler, I had little clue as the origin of this build. And, as you say, the shadow effect(s) didn't help me the 'identification' process.
        So...just how small IS this diorama anyhow...?

        • Not being a fantasy guy as such but I'd say this one is one of the larger scale items, rather than a 'mini' - maybe 1/24 or even larger.

          The sort of history that gets built up by these guys to support their 'world' is:

          "As the name suggests, this was a Hellspawn of a medieval era. He was a knight named Sir John of York, who fought during a civil war in England. He was released from service to Henry II after he and three others mistakenly killed the Archbishop of Canterbury (they mistook some angry words by the King as an order). He was killed on a battlefield in Ireland by the King's bodyguards as he approached King Henry for forgiveness. For his past deeds of killing (and enjoying it), John was sent to Hell, where he, like others made a deal with Malebolgia. He was returned to Earth, several years in the future and clad in medieval looking symbiotic armor. Upon realizing what had happened (which was helped along with him finding his own grave), John traveled throughout England, doing good deeds in the hope he would be redeemed. He was eventually slain by the demon hunter Angela."

          Just like the home life of our own dear Queen...

  3. I'm not sure who he is neither but I definitely wouldn't fight him!
    Very cool figure! I'm not really a figure modeller but if I was I would definitely be more into this sort of thing than military figures.

  4. Greetings :

    Thank you all for the comments.

    To be honest, I never expected any comment at all.

    I just found these images, that I thought were gone as I was cleaning and unpacking.

    I will explain this figure.

    I was approached with this figure by a fellow EOD member on base. He had brought the figure for his son, but his son was not too pleased with it, it was not BAT MAN or any outstanding hero. He thought that me being ( was )

    a co owner of a comic book store could sell it.

    SPAWN titles and merchandise are big sellers, plus me being a big SPAWN fan was happy to see this. I already had six of these figures and could see that he liked it. I explained what could be done to the figure, he was amazed. He was surprised that so much can be done to an ACTION figure, not a MINI or a model ... but an ACTION FIGURE. He commissioned me to do the project. So in a week I had done my work and he had his figure.

    A good deal of work went into it, but I saw it as fun and very interesting.

    Once home, the figure was taken apart. DAS-PLAS was used to build up more muscles to the arms and more mass. Being DAS-PLAS a air drying clay, I wrapped the parts with it overnight. The next day before it dried, I put back the figure with EPOXY and began sculpting the muscle fibers, his armor plating and added more details too his helmet and eye perforations.

    The next day the figure was primed and painted. The chains were brought at a local Female Dress shop ( Fantasy Jewels section ). The worms coming from the ground were made with SUPER SCULPEY. The arrows were made from round match sticks, their fins from STOCK CARD paper coated with a thin layer of epoxy. The blood was applied by means of a SPLATTER effect using an old tooth brush. The terrain was made using CELLUCLAY. The base is wood.

    All in all, he was very excited too see the figure, he then saw action figures under a new light. Needless to say, his kid then wanted the figure, his dad said NO.

    The figure was pictured outside ( actually it was on base, and we were done for the day ). This was in '02, I was just getting use to my first digital camera. Me? I opt taking these kind of pictures inside but I had too take these pictures of my work and put them in my files as a memento before handing it to it's owner.

  5. Erick, thanks for your service. The EOD guy I know told me if I ever saw him running, to either keep up with him, or pass him. Hooah!

  6. DE,
    Whatever it is or whoever he is you have done a great job. Interesting stories about him and how you came to do this. If he came back to Earth to do good deeds I'm afraid I would have be convinced of his intentions to do good. His appearance would scare the S#%* out of me.
    By the way, does he clean windows?

  7. Spawn was the only comic i ever got into, and medieval spawn was an awesome tangent story to Al Simmon's story. these are cool, i am glad you shared them!

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