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Monogram A-26 Invader

One of my first (I think) attempts at the NMF thing. I probably built it right after seeing “Always” – the flick about the fire bombers – and although not depicted as such, a rather cool-lookin’ airplane I thought. And as you can see in some of the pics, I forgot to add nose weight (doh!). And as like most (or all) of Monograms kits, a pretty decent fit, detail and overall quality for the price – still is.

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32 responses to Monogram A-26 Invader

  1. Craig, Nice job on the NMF (Rattle Can Man strikes again!). I agree , the A-26 is a cool looking airplane.

  2. Nice job Craig, lovely finish on the NMF.
    Looks sweet mate.

  3. Prettier than the Rolling Stones scheme they give you with the (at least) first issue glassnose version. Nice and clean, no bombs under the wings, you can see the lines better.
    Just a pretty aircraft.
    And this is a first effort! You have got the NMF rattlecan touch. I’m still trying to figure how stainless looks so good on that Monogram P-47D.

    • Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum Plate (the other colors – magnesium, titanium & gunmetal – are too dark IMO).. doesn’t appear to be a whole lotta difference….just enough variation to offset some panel lines if so desired. The SS is “shinier”, so I used that.

  4. Good job Craig. I notice a long time ago that rattle silver can give you a nice finish, especially if you can get away with one coat. It seems to shrink tight as it drys. You can also rub it down some. Try Testors Metallic silver. I always had good results with it.

  5. Hello Craig….Nice looking Invader. That old Monogram kit has great potential in the hands of a good builder as you have demonstrated. I’ve always liked the Invader’s sleek clean lines.

  6. I have always liked the Invader. Monogram’s Invader is very nice. I have a glass nosed Korean War example. Beautiful finish on this one Craig!!!!

  7. Nice one, Craig. I was just looking through a book about P-38s and P-51s and the author noted that most NMF were a dull pewter and not polished (unless you were a hotshot ace and got the ground crew to steel-wool the metal), but the bombers seemed to break that rule and always looked like shiny coins.

  8. Nice Invader, Craig, love your NMF jobs. Well done.

  9. Craig is this 1:72 scale? I still have my Monogram “Invader” that I built in 1960 and it’s a basket case. When I “ovehaul” my plane it will be a target towing aircraft( because I’m missing so many parts). Nice job on your kit, NMF is always a crowd pleaser.

  10. Airfix had a B-26 back in the 70s in 1/72. Rivets a-go-go, but otherwise not too bad. “Monie” nose art.
    I had the Monogram odd scale that Bob had, and Frog had a real oddball scale one in the 60s, with their B-45 and C-119.
    Italeri has/had the Counter invader in 1/72.
    There’s also some French outfit selling a modified Monogram, supposedly improved and +$$$. I have not seen one, so I dunno if it’s an improvement or not.
    Me, I was overjoyed when Monogram released theirs, though the aftermarket gun nose comversions are hard to find nowadays.
    Bombshell Decals have a nice selection of Korean War nose art decals in 1/48th. Cheescake, not nekkid.

  11. Invaders look great in black, even better in polished aluminum! I would like to find this kit (or wish they’d re-release the glass nosed version). I do have a solid nose version, and yes the cockpit and gunner’s compartment are quite good as are pretty much all Monogram kits from this era! I don’t do many civilian schemed warbirds, but the On Mark Invaders looked nice.
    As for Always, they made the mistake of putting the Catalina taking off over the fishermen right at the beginning. That’s like putting the grand finale before the fireworks show, kinda makes the rest seem boring! Loved Dreyfus and Goodman together.

  12. Craig,
    Very nicely done. Your inspiration from the movie “Always” paid off.
    Just for grins, I was invited to go through ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) in San Rafael, shortly after the film came out in theaters. All of the stuff ILM did for the movie was still around and was interesting to see. Particularly after just seeing the movie. They are definite masters of illusion. They had a 12′ B-26 hanging in one section. It was used in the film and was quite something to see. That whole facility was a joy to behold.

  13. Hi Craig. I was just looking at your old A26. Nice job. Got one in the stash.

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