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Monogram F-105 SEA

Another pretty easy build….the ‘old’ Monogram (still one of the best for my money) Thunderchief. Three shades of MM rattle can paint (what else?). I use an old sponge-like material (unevenly torn), and just hold it against the plastic for a feathered edge result, A coat of Future, some decals, and she’s ready to take her place along side my early NMF version of the Thud. I need to get some more shelving or build fewer models. 🙁

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20 responses to Monogram F-105 SEA

  1. Shelf space! That is one of the key reasons I decided many years ago to focus on 1/72 scale only. At one point, I would build fighters in 48 scale, and bombers or twin-engine aircraft in 72. Eventually, I took all my 48 scale stuff to a hobby shop and they agreed to buy them for $10 each (use for decorating kids cakes or something like that!), and I also sold off any unbuilt 48 stuff, and focused on 72. Now I can actually display my builds!!

    Nice Thud by the way!

  2. Hi Craig that’s a stunning thundercheif pal, love the Finnish.
    Keep up the good work.

    Regards Steve.

  3. The rattle can wizzard strikes again. The Mono F 105 is a favourite of mine. Well done Craig!!!

  4. Nice, but you might want to turn those rear fuselage intakes around. There go my Karma points 🙂

  5. Hello Craig…Nice job on the ole Monogram Thunderchief and I agree that even with it’s age, it’s still quite a nice kit. I’m still pondering the white letter code on the tail….was that an actual squadron marking or a subtle ‘social’ comment..(just kidding)….Regardless, it’s a nicely done model to add to your impressive collection.

  6. Nice looking Thud you`ve done there Craig.
    Lovely finish with the cans mate.

  7. those monogram F-105’s have stood the test of time! looks great craig.

  8. Craig,
    Agree, for the money the Monograms are still worth it. Nice job.

  9. Nice Thud, Craig. Clean paint job. Another nice addition to your collection.
    Or should i say full grown aircraft museum !

    • Thanks, Bernd…..just think what the room would look like had I never gotten rid of anything since taking up this ‘hobby’….not to mention all the money spent (and usually wasted). 🙁

      • Wasted ? I guess you have fun, building kits. Its a creative and a worthy hobby. You get on your posts a lot of well deserved positive feedback, from modellers, enjoying your builds too.
        Nothing is wasted !

        • I suppose when you put it THAT way, ‘wasted’ is the wrong wording. What I meant was, I have so little room to display my builds, that I find myself periodically “rotating the stock”, as it were. “Out with the old; in with the New” sorta thing. So in THAT respect, I’ve [sorta] wasted the time and effort spent – AND the money – way back when I first got the particular kit(s) that are now being salvaged and tossed out.
          However, it IS satisfying to be acknowledged (not to mention complimented) on my mediocre modeling talents and for that, I thank one and all.

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