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Monogram P-47 Thunderbolt

I thought it was about time I tried my hand at another NMF (it’s been a while since I’ve done one). Model Master “Buffable Metalizer” – this one in Stainless Steel. It’s a ‘Plain Jane’ generic example just to keep in practice with the metalizer paint(s). I just barely managed to make room for it without a major overhaul of parked aircraft.

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34 responses to Monogram P-47 Thunderbolt

  1. Very nice NMF on this Jug. Modelmaster buffing metalizers looks very nice in conjuntion with Alclad. I used it on my F 104.

  2. I’ve never used the Alcad process, Morne….I find this method much easier (although having not used Alcad, I’m only assuming this is the case). I simply spray the metalizer directly on the bare plastic, and with cotton gloves and or an old T-shirt, rub it up to a shine. BUT….by masking various panels, and NOT buffing them, one can achieve different shades. However, this build was done overall Stainless Steel which was ALL buffed. But be sure to keep the gloves on, though…the paint Will adhere to your fingers handled bare-skinned. Note: if you DO opt to have different shading with other shades (they make 5 different ones), be sure to Future those areas to be masked or risk the shine pulling up and causing a dull finish. And don’t remove the cotton gloves until you’re done. If you’d care to share YOUR process, I’d be interested to know the process. Thanks, as always, for the words of encouragement. Some time back, I posted a brief tutorial outlining my procedure(s). Just do a search of “NMF”.

  3. A very nice P-47, Craig. Your NMF builds are always a great sight, well done 🙂

  4. Monogram’s T-bolt is a great little replica and you did this one proud Craig. I like it!

  5. very nice, Craig. You always seem to have a good grip on builds like these.

  6. Well you have certainly not lost your touch there Craig! Your work inspires me to give the NMF another try now that spring is coming and outdoor rattle can work is more feasible.

  7. Hello Craig…Nice Thunderbolt build…looks like she just rolled off the Republic assembly line. The NMF finish looks great. That’s another fine model for your impressive collection.

  8. Another fine example of Republics product line . Great job on the NMF finish too 😉

  9. great looking finish…and so simple…fine technique

  10. I don’t airbrush either, so when I do NMF I typically use MM Metalizer paints, and attempt to use various shades on different panels to achieve a more “realistic” look. I’ve also experience the issue of the masking changing the tone of the paint when pulled off, but have found that if I tape it to my forehead or side of my nose before applying to the finish, it doesn’t effect it as much – at least not enough where it won’t buff back out.
    I’ve just run across the AK Interactive “metal” paints in the squeeze tube (look similar to tubes of oil paints), and want to try doing a base coat of Metalizer, then using these brush-on paints on various panels. I’ve got a 101 Voodoo on the “on-deck” pile, and I’m going to try that technique on this one, as my dad flew an NMF out of Bentwaters, rather than an ADC grey or SEA scheme.
    IF it turns out decent – I’ll post. If not (well – I do have a bit of pride….)

  11. Craig, beautiful job on the NMF.
    Anyone know anything about that type of droptank? I’ve seen a couple of photos of them in use in the ETO, but not much anywhere else. Usually the brit paper or metal cylindrical tanks, and once in a while, the 75 gal “teardrop” are more common.
    In the PTO, P-38 style on the wing pylons. Or the 75 gal on the belly.
    Conundrum of mine.

  12. You do like your Jugs Craig… So do I mate.
    Nice NMF , something I will have to master soon.

  13. Craig,

    I will just add to everything that has already been said. Nice job it looks great. If what you do works for you and it comes out looking like this, I would stick with it.

  14. To quote Sargent Hunter, “Works for me”….nice build and finish.

  15. Nice, clean job. Really like it!

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