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Revell 48th F-8E Crusader

Even though the copyright date on the instructions state 2011, I suspect this is a re-issue of the ‘older’ Revell kit, as it lacks in many areas of detail and the pilot figure (not used), is an older two-piece and crudely molded. On the plus side, there is the option for a wing-fold construction, albeit no real detail evident when displayed in the up position. There are two options for the decals, load-out options (bombs, sidewinders, etc.) and the choice of the refueling boom placement. For some reason, when I applied the Rustoleum gray automotive primer, it cracked and did the “orange-peel” thing, but only in a few areas. Even sanding the affected portions did little to alleviate the problem. I also see – now that I’ve taken the photos – that a coat of matte/dullcote is necessary to reduce the shine (especially on the tail decal). All in all, a fairly quick and easy build.

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38 responses to Revell 48th F-8E Crusader

  1. super nice…always loved that scheme

  2. Lookin’ good, Craig. When they quit looking that colorful, I quit going to airshows. Those colorful schemes were awesome. I like everything about it !

  3. Craig, really pretty Crusader! I always liked the lines of the aircraft, and since you don’t have the wing assembly sticking up, and stuff hanging, you can actually see that.
    I’ll admit it’s a temptation the have everything down and dirty, and festooned like a christmas tree, but there’s a lot to be said for clean and straightforward.

  4. Craig,
    My compliments on a geat job of a great airplane.

  5. I love the F-8…hard to beat yours!

  6. Looks very nice. I always like F8s, and you did a great job here.
    You really used Rustoleum ????

    • Yeah….probably not again, though. I figured I could get a great big spray can of gray primer at Lowe’s and not have to spend $5.00-$6.00 for a much smaller can of Model Master or Tamiya fine primer and have like almost ten times as much paint. Lesson learned. Funny thing is, it only crazed in a few small areas of the plastic – 90% of it covered fine. Dunno why that was. At any rate, thanks for the reply, Terry.

  7. Hello Craig…Always good to see a Crusader and especially one in the markings of the USMC. That Monogram kit still stands pretty tall in the hands of an experienced modeler as you have demonstrated.

  8. Definitely an attractive plane, Craig, and, as usual, you’ve brought out the best of the model.

  9. A very nice Crusader, Craig ! The U.S Navy schemes are always looking great, you can t have too many.
    Did that kit some 10 years ago and it was a relaxing fun build.

  10. I love those markings. I also built the Monogram F-8 that was repopped by Hasegawa with a white metal ejection seat. Good overall detail. Well done Craig!!

  11. Hi Craig,
    Very wel constructed and finished. It does not take a very expensive kit to make it work. In the hands of the master it all comes to a good end.
    Always have been amazed how low this AC hangs over the tarmac in the back!! Very gently notch on the stick by lift off.

  12. Great looking model Craig. Now that’s a keeper.
    California Steve

  13. Nice looking build, Craig. I’ve built the Hasagawa version in 1/48, but not the Revell offering.

    Just wondering about the orange-peel effect – do you usually wash the plastic before the build? There’s about 1mm of ‘invisible’ mould release on the plastic which can cause top coats to split if not washed away. I usually wash sprues in mild soap and water before a build to avoid any surprises.

    • I suspect the Hasegawa kit is no where near as rudimentary as this one, but I thank you for the reply, Rob…..and I have NEVER ‘washed’ a kit prior to assembly/painting and have had this problem only one or two times that I can recall in all my years of the “hobby”. I still think it’s that Rustoleum paint that did it.

  14. Nice job Craig stunning Crusader,keep up the good work.

  15. I recall crawling around one of these planes on “Navy Day” at Quonset Point Naval Rework facility. Your model looks like the way I remember the jet, great job, very prototypical.

  16. I like the scheme on this one much better that the ho-hum version I have! Checkers=Cool!

  17. Greetings :
    Nice work on that Crusader, the F-8 was and still is one of my favorite planes.

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