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This is a 1/10 resin bust of a Viking shieldmaiden, from Korean firm Nuts Planet. The figure is probably based on the character Lagertha in the TV series, The Vikings. Lagertha was, according to legend, a Viking shieldmaiden from what is now Norway, and the onetime wife of famed raider Ragnar Lodbrok.

The resin casting is beautiful. There are only nine pieces, which is typical of figure modelling, but as you can see there’s a wealth of detail.

I’ve ordered a round, yew base, which should make an attractive contrast to the kit’s black plinth, and ‘echo’ the shape of the shield.

Paints used are Vallejo Model Color and Vallejo Games Color, with Cadmium Red, Cadmium Orange, Lampblack, Naples Yellow, and Titanium White artist’s oil colours.

I ran a short WIP thread in Groups at if you’d like further details of the project.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

44 responses to Shieldmaiden

  1. Geese Louise! – incredible detail work on the painting. You figure painters intimidate me!! Very lovely paint work!!

  2. WoW! really nice work, especially the face! that is awesome!

  3. Thanks for this model: I’m a huge Vikings-fan

  4. Absolutely AMAZING!!! Everything about this makes it a winner!!! Rob this is my choice for winner this month!!!

  5. Great work as ever Rob, your figure painting is fantastic mate.
    Well done Rob.

  6. Rob, outstanding job! She looks ready to impale somebody!

  7. You’ve captured the image magnificently….the facial features and painting are in themselves are spectacular. One of THE best examples I’ve seen. Bravo, sir.

  8. Very nice.
    Not the least the back side of the figure, that is the shield.
    Beauriful pattern and some runes too…
    Makes me want to move back to Stockholm….

  9. Rob, another beautiful piece of work, she looks like she just stepped out of the TV set, or off a Longship. It amazes me how fast you work, I’d still be trying to open the box. 😉
    Well done lad

  10. Rob
    hmmm, “my kind of girl”!. Very nice work, Looks almost like a portrait.

  11. lovely work…she looks mean

  12. Your figures are always a highlight, Rob. Amazing paint job, well done 🙂

  13. You definitely have a way with figure painting Rob! Do you paint for real, like actual canvas?

  14. Really nice work. Given the way the Hysterical, er, I mean the “History,” Channel had gone downhill in recent years in their original productions, I had taken a pass on “The Vikings,” which I now understand is actually a European production they picked up, and not at all like their usual run of “Did Ancient Aliens Build The Pyramids?” and the rest of their c**p.

  15. WOW! This came together really fast! I like the third fifth and sixth pictures the best and the stuff braided into the hair looks great! Do they tell you who models for the busts (if anyone)?

    • Thanks, Josh. I suspect that they’ve used the image of the actress, perhaps creating a 3-D printed master from images, albeit without permission (otherwise they’d have named her/the series and had to pay royalties), hence the generic ‘shieldmaiden’ title.

  16. Rob,
    I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again. you are an artist and I remain in awe of your skills. Nuff said, I love it.

  17. Incredible and awesome work! Amazing! Her skin is just perfect. Lost for words. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Wow…. Love it..

  19. Hey Rob, does she keep that battle ax in her purse? Wonderful paint application, work like yours confirms that I am wise in keeping away from painting figures (no modeler wants to look foolish). Super job!

    • Hi Mike. Thanks for looking in. One or two people have referred to me as a figure painter, but I’m just a project modeller (as opposed to an aircraft modeller, an armour modeller, etc.), so I don’t consider I have any better skills than any one else. It’s just a matter of interest and application.

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