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Testors B-25 1/72

March 24, 2015 · in Aviation · · 17 · 3.9K

The is my favorite WWII aircraft - just love the lines - everything about it. This is an old Testors kit. Went together pretty well, although had to shim up one side of the horizontal stabilizer to get it level. Added a seat for the bombardier and then some crew so would look more natural in-flight.

I saw this reference pic in one of my aircraft books "Dirty Gerty from Bizerte," and loved it - so sought to replicate this North African campaign scheme. Wasn't real sure of the actual color, so just mixed some Testors enamels to get close to the book.

Although I was pleased with the look of the olive drab showing through the NA paint scheme, this was built before I started working with pastel post shading and more detailed weathering with oils, pastels and such (2011 build). I was also still finishing in semi-gloss rather than flat. Those two changes would have made this much more pleasing to the eye, as I now strive to get as realistic as I can.

I've got a B-24 that I bought some aftermarket NA decals for and plan to use a similar scheme on that build.

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  1. Very nice oily look and a beautiful capture of a working B-25. Thanks!

  2. Nice build Greg, as Maurits said, real oily looking bird.
    Well done sir.

  3. Amazing! I like the weathering very much. Also my favourite WW II medium bomber. The B-26 Marauder and A-26 Invader comes a close second. Well done!

  4. Greg, great job on her! Used but not abused, just right.
    The color is called "sand" (616) modern FS 30279 or "Arizona desert pink" or "t-tty pink" depending on the amount of time it was on the airframe, and who's describing it. One comment I heard was that it reminded the observer of "ol' Georgia red clay". There was also an Army Quartermaster Sand #3, whose FS match is 33448. (Dana Bell "Air Force Colors, Vol. 2.")

  5. Nice work, Greg...usually anything with the "Testor's" name attached leaves something to be desired, as it were, but that's not the case here. And whatever color it is, I'm quite sure there were ALL different colors of the "same" color, if ya know what I mean. Good job on the model.

  6. Greg, Nice work, good grimy look, Always liked that desert look.

  7. great that old kit

  8. Great looking build, Greg. The B-25 is indeed a good looking aircraft.
    Got three Mitchells to build, i hope they come out half as good as your well weathered bird !

  9. greg,
    Great looking model I really like it. I watched the vimeo cut again and it is the best.

  10. Nice job Greg, never knew Testor's produced this model. One of my favorites as well.

  11. Very nice, Greg. Desert scheme does it for me.

  12. Wonderful model, with good weathering !

  13. Greg, very nice build. Nice work on the finish, it looks great!

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