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Vultee Vengeance series done by Raul Jose Hrubisko


I would like to share with you our Vultee Vengeance series which is finally completed. My father made these 22 models a couple of month ago but last week our friend Luis gave us some special decals used on these models.

My father made a lot of modifications on each model for example: replace the canopy by a own made one, replace the engine, exhaust, wheels, etc.

We would like to thank to Peter Malone which assist us with photos, remarks, etc on all the RAAF Vengeance. We couldn’t made this series as it is without his support and without the decals made by Luis specially for us.

This is the list of all the models included in this series.

1 Vultee Vengeance Mk I RAAF A27-9
2 Vultee Vengeance Mk IA RAAF SJ-X A27-60
3 Vultee Vengeance Mk IV RAAF A27-419
4 Vultee Vengeance Mk IV RAAF A27-9
5 Vultee Vengeance Mk IV RAAF A27-610
6 Vultee Vengeance Mk IV RAAF KF-V A27-412
7 Vultee Vengeance Mk I RAAF A29-12
8 Vultee Vengeance Mk II RAAF A27-17
9 Vultee Vengeance RAAF A27 233
10 Vultee Vengeance RAAF A27 235
11 Vultee Vengeance RAAF A27 501
12 Vultee Vengeance IV RAAF A27-204
13 Vultee Vengeance RAAF A27-220
14 Vultee Vengeance IV RAF
15 Vultee Vengeance Mk I RAF AN838
16 Vultee Vengeance Mk I/II RAF AF745
17 Vultee Vengeance Mk IV RAF HB484
18 Vultee Vengeance Mk IV RAF FD243
19 Vultee Vengeance Mk IV RNAF FD216
20 Vultee Vengeance Mk III RAF FB986/M
21 Vultee Vengeance SEAC FB918
22 Vultee Vengeance Mk III RIAF FB922

Here are some photos showing all the Vengeance together

Here are some small groups.

All the Target Tug Vengeance.

The RAAF Target Tug Vengeance

The British Target Tug Vengeance

Four different types of exausts (Including the Christmast Tree type 🙂

Here are the NV P A27-233 and the NV A A27-235 like the original photo. Thanks to Peter Malone we saw another photo where the fin flash of the A27-233 is visible.

Here are some photos with the back stage of this photo production

Finally, the Vengeances are resting on our display cabinets among with the other 681 models done.

I hope you like them.

Kind regards


13 responses to Vultee Vengeance series done by Raul Jose Hrubisko

  1. An absolutely stunning collection of builds there.
    Thank you for posting.

  2. That’s an amazing collection. I’d love just one in 1/48… Are yours 1/72? I would say they are. Amazing.

  3. Santiago,
    Another group of outstanding models

  4. Incredible, fantastic looking models, all credit to your father and your friends.

  5. A beautiful collection of Vengeances along with a lot of other beautiful aircraft.
    You’d start up a model plane museum!

  6. Never seen so many perfect build Vengeance on one spot. Awesome

  7. Nice collection, well done!

  8. My compliments on the several “line-ups”.
    Looks very impressive to me.
    Have to read more abouth this AC history.
    Thanks for showing all these models.

  9. Wow, a nice assembly of aircraft models, great work!

  10. Unbelievable !!! Impressive !!! WOW !!!
    That is a great collection !!! And display as well !!!

  11. Wonderful collection! What is the significance of the Vengeance to you & your Father? Does he have personal history with them or does he just like them?! Any reason is a good one & these are superbly built. I especially like the 2 posted exactly like the photo.

    • Hi Jeffry
      There is not connection at all. It is just another sub collection of our proyect.
      My father and I aim is building a collection of all and every type, versión, color, field modification, etc of aircraft that served in Britih markings during WW2 including the leand lease, the Commonwealth and the captured ones.
      So far we have at aprox 750 models well done, 120 to be re build and 650 kits to done. Cheers

  12. Brilliant collection, I do love a theme! There is one missing, the Royal Egyptian Air Force used an ex-RAF Mk.4, serialled 551, as a hack up until as late as 1956.

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