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*** #36 Stanley Grand Prix driven by Todd Bodine in the 1997 season. ***

Greetings :
This model dates back after the 1997 NASCAR season, while waiting on the 1998 season.
Since there is no race today ( it was last night, Saturday night race at Texas ), I had a very good time finding and sorting things out. I found my DVD and CD box. So as the finding occurred and had my time, I know have more pictures to share.
The real car pictured is that of the 1998 season. In the ’97 season, Todd had his signature on the side panel just below the “A” post. For the ’98 season, he then had it on the top side next to the window opening.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to *** #36 Stanley Grand Prix driven by Todd Bodine in the 1997 season. ***

  1. Exemplary work, sir….simply stellar craftsmanship AND photography. I certainly am looking forward to the rest of your collection here on iModeler. I only wish I’d taken pictures of all of my builds during [mostly] the 80’s. I do, however, have an extensive collection of photographs of the late 80’s – early 90’s NASCAR entries (many with accompanying autographs), but sadly, not anything digital.

  2. DE,
    Great work. Your cars are beautiful

  3. These NASCAR cars look very cool, especially when they are built as well as this one, nice work.

  4. It looks like a true car ! Congratulations.

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