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After sortie chat.

Hi folks, here is my latest build it’s the Revell Spitfire Mk2 and the figures are the Masterbox RAF set. Firstly the Revell Spitfire is a pleasure to buildand the fit of the parts is stunning the only thing extra were a set of RB Productions Sutton harnesses apart from this it was built from the box and I must say a 1/32 Spitfire for around £30 is superb do yourselfs a favour go and get yourself one you want regret it.

I wanted to put it in some kind of scene and as we had just had delivery of the new Masterbox RAF set I decided grab one for myself and I’ve got to say the figures were were superbly sculpted and went together very well and three figures and a dog for £10 go get them folks there superb value.

Everything was painted using Lifeccolour Acrylics, the grass is our own static grass.I was pleased with the outcome.
Regards Steve. (Sorry about the poor photos).

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10 responses to After sortie chat.

  1. Nicely done diorama, especially the figures AND the ‘grass’ (and there’s nothing wrong with the photos). I did notice something, though. You entitled the work “After Sortie Chat”. Evidently the pilot didn’t encounter anything to shoot at, because there’s still tape over the gun ports. 🙁

  2. Nice little display, that dog seems to get everywhere!

  3. thats a pretty cool little vignette you got there! great job on the figures too!

  4. Agreed! The new Revell Spitfire MK.II really is a very nice kit that builds up very nicely OOB despite certain glitches. Your vignette is pretty cool but I do have one criticism (constructive, of course) and that is the placement of your figures. They really do not seem to be interacting with each other. May I suggest you move both pilots closer to the pipe smoking officer and make sure to establish some sort of eye contact between the three figures. I think that would bring you vignette more to life. Nice job on everything else though!

  5. Absolutely stunning!!! Well done Steve

  6. Very nice vignette! May I ask what did You use for the base? The grass seems very life like.

  7. Lovely spit! Nicely finished and well presented.

  8. Steve,
    May I add what a beautiful job you did on this. I like the overall theme.

  9. Lovely Steve, awesome diorama 🙂

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