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Junkers Ju 87 G-2 1/72 Italeri/Academy

Hello, here is “roll out” Nr.2 for this year. Its Academys Ju 87 Kanonenvogel with some parts from a Italeri Ju 87 kit, like the prop and the undercarriage.
The rest is pretty much oob. Its not a try, to capture a historical aircraft, more a winter camo study, inspired by the artwork from Italeri s box art.
The three tone camo was applied, after this, i used Humbrols Maskol for the stripes.
There are some points in this build, that can be improved, but i call this one done, hope you like it.


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26 responses to Junkers Ju 87 G-2 1/72 Italeri/Academy

  1. It looks convincingly “beat up” from here. Hastily field-applied ‘whitewash’ and a naturally weather-beaten and [somewhat] neglected wing-walk areas are spot-on. What did you use for the antenna wire….? To my untrained eye(s), it appears a tad too thick for the scale (which, by the way, is a very nice job – too small for me, though). I religiously avoid 72nd scale for the most part – I can make ENOUGH mistakes in 48th. 🙁
    Nice photos by the way….sharp & clear. 😉

  2. Hi Craig, i used the thin version of EZ line, maybe too thick. 1/72 kits like Academy s Ju 87 G are a pleasure to build. The Ju 87 in 1/72 is roughly the same size as a 1/48 109 or a Yak. Easy to build, no putty.
    Thank you very much 🙂

  3. Bernd. I like the scheme here, especially being done in 1/72 scale makes it even more impressive. My compliments, in making this one “ugly bird”. And I do mean that as a compliment, Very well done .

  4. Stukas always look like a bag of spanners to me, or like something made of bits left over from other aircraft. Still, this is a convincing model of the type.

  5. Nice one Bernd. I think the camo and weathering are great. Good job on the complex canopy framing.

    • Hi Gregor, thank you very much, this and some other LW canopies are hard to simulate, because parts of the framing was inside the plexi glass and part of the overturn structure.
      Some of the frames were coated with gloss to make them look like under the glass, i didn t had the wish to mask inside that little piece of plastic

  6. She is looking great Bernd.
    I am with Craig on the wire but that could be a illusion due to the amount of white in the picture.
    Still a fine build mate.

  7. Hi Simon, thanks ! The Ez line wire is looking somewhat wrong on the pics, hard to see with the eye ball. But that makes this material unsuitable for rigging 1/700 warships 🙁
    Its probably time to get back to the old and good stretched sprue

  8. Wow Bernd – i really like the weathering, and its even more impressive at 1/72! Great work!

  9. Absolutely stunning!!! You did a great job on this Stuka. The weathering is amazing!!!

  10. Very convincing winter camo. Nice work.

  11. Nice skills there mate! Very nice weathering!

  12. Love the model, love the scale and love the paintjob!

  13. Very nice! I like the winter camo – I’ve been debating the finish I might apply to my second 1/72 Stuka, and I’m leaning toward something like this. May use your excellent work as my template!

  14. Very nice build, unusual paint scheme is well applied.

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