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Kitty Hawk F-35B

After languishing in the closet on the proverbial ‘shelf of doom’ for over a year, I recently decided to have another go at this abortion and attempt to [sorta] finish it. It had been about 50% done and was fightin’ me tooth and nail. The fit was terrible. The instructions were really vague. The engineering was way overdone – many unnecessary steps and construction procedures. Even the plastic was unlike anything I’ve encountered. All in all, a pretty awful kit. Now, to be fair, I’ve seen some excellent renditions of this kit (although not many “B” models), so for the most part, I’m sure it’s an “operator error” situation – although it’s possible I got a ‘lemon’ – it WAS one of the early releases – maybe KH was on a learning curve, if you will. Other KH products have looked really well. It came really close to ending up in the trash, but I just put it up and forgot about for several months. I recently decided to give it one more go and ‘got her done’ yesterday. About the only thing I can say that was decent were the decals. Not necessarily the markings, rather the quality of the sheet…it was by far one the best I’ve dealt with in quite some time. I shudder to think what would have happened had I chose to close all the bays up – I doubt they would have the tolerances one would expect with Tamiya, for instance. As is painfully evident in the photos, this is a less-than-stellar example of modeling. But hey…it’s for all intent and purposes done. There’s no armament installed (I figured I’d better quit before I inflicted any additional embarrassment to myself).

My next build (which I got just today) will be a Trumpeter 1/350th USS North Carolina. THAT should keep me off the forum for quite a while, having no real experience in ship building. I’ve never SEEN so many “fiddly bits” in a model before – Sheeeesh!

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30 responses to Kitty Hawk F-35B

  1. I think it looks good! Like a bird with some flying hours on it or better: back on USS Wasp after having chased some MIGS off with rockets on a dark dusty night in a far away sea..
    Good Luch with the North Carolina! I recently finished my Revell 1/700 Pennsylvania!

  2. Craig, despite the build history, I think you’ve done well to persevere. It looks good.

    • Thanks, Rob….I think the reason I didn’t toss it out from frustration was the fact that, (A) it was rather pricey, (B) I had thoughts of maybe using it for parts if/when I ever decided to take the chance that they worked the bugs out on subsequent models, and (C) It wasn’t that far from being completed.

  3. Great job done on as you said a p** of a kit..

  4. Hi Craig, I have been pondering getting the 3 variants and doing a little group build but I have to say that what I found when I built the Kittyhawk Mig-25 was enough to put me of there kits and from what you are saying I think I will give the a miss. A real pity as it is a great subject especially the B.
    I am with you on the Ship building front, my 1/200 Missouri turned up last week and the mind boggles at the prospect, never done a ship before.



  5. An excellent example of “”never give up, never surrender!”

  6. Nice build, what scale is it? Also is the paint scheme navy blue or black?

    • It’s 1/48th scale. The “paint” is a whole other story. The plastic was molded in a very dark gray – almost black. After painting everything white that was gonna be white and thus beginning the assembly (or at least TRYING to assemble it – lots of poor fitting issues), I gave up and shelved it a long time ago. The airframe WAS to be gray as depicted on the box art, but the kit was turning out so badly, I opted to merely “finish” it and to hell with the paint job. So this [unorthodox] method was used. I mixed some black & white weathering powders to make gray and covered the model with it. Then I brushed on a coat of Future prior to applying decals. What you see is the rather awful result.

  7. Love the F35b Craig,very nice build their mate your getting good at this model building lark, nice one pal.

    Regards Steve.

  8. After all, you did it, Craig and it has turned out very nice. Its a rather strange “air vehicle” which close a gap in your huge collection !
    Well done ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy modelling with this floaty thing

  9. that’s enough to gag a maggot…your a better man than i gunga din…ugly clear to the bone…looks like anime…smile

  10. perseverance pays off! good job defeating that kit! you may not have had fun building it, but you gained experience points and a sense of accomplishment in finishing… and for what its worth, it came out pretty cool!

  11. Craig,
    Your too hard on yourself pal, it looks great. Sometimes it helps us all to run across a POS kit to bring out the best in us. Just think how UP your going to be while working on North Carolina. Ya dun good on this and I look forward to seeing the NC.

  12. Sounds like you didn’t enjoy the build much! I know that feeling! It looks great though mate! I would love a 1/32 version of this to come out.

  13. A truly Valiant effort my dear friend, and it looks good. I am busy with a HPH L 29 Akrobat, I got to tell you, I have had a hard time with this kit from the time I opened the box, every part just does not want to fit, the alignment is all out, its turned out to be a scratch building project. I have wanted, on a few occasions to take it for a test flight (throw in the bin). thanks for the inspiration, I will just soldier on.

  14. Craig,

    You were much braver than me on that one.
    Fit was so poor it didn’t even go to the shelf of doom, but went directly to the trash can of oblivion.



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