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Latecoere 28.3H 1:72 scratchbuilt

I scratchbuilt this model and in progress I turned it into a kit form. I made 12 from these (under my fantasy model company name Plastic Passion) before SBS Model bought the original masters from me – now they producing the plane and her sister plane the “La Fregate”. The Latécoère 28 (or Laté 28) is the aircraft from the Latécoère firm which Mermoz used to cross the South Atlantic ocean for the first time on May 12, 1930 named “Comte De La Vaulx” (You can read in Exupery’s book the ‘night Flight’ why 🙂 ).

The type became famous by its use in postal links between France and South America in the service of Aeropostale, in the 1930s. I built the model used the drawings from various issues of the Le Fana De L’Aviation magazine. I made the masters from plastic cards and balsa wood roughs copied onto resin. I add some WIP photos just for some interesting 🙂

33 additional images. Click to enlarge.

23 responses to Latecoere 28.3H 1:72 scratchbuilt

  1. A classic short-run resin kit, displaying excellent engineering and scratch building skills. A real inspiration in modelling techniques.

  2. Fascinating examples of true “modeling”, sir….I applaud your efforts.

  3. Great work again sir.
    Well done.

  4. Thank You Gentlemen!

  5. These are marvellous modelling skills, Gábor.
    My two cents: I visited the company in the early 00 years in Toulouse two present simulation software for the development of aircraft doors. Waiting for my host In the entrance area, it deeply impressed me to read that they used to count Saint-Exupéry to their employees.
    Equally it made me sad that like so many once proud designers of entire aircraft, the company was limited to being a sub system supplier for Airbus.

  6. This is the kind of inspirational article I really love to read! Fantastic work!



  7. Extraordinary.

  8. Very interesting and great modelling, thank you for sharing it with us, Gabor.

  9. A beautiful model Gabor. Your modeling skills are impressive.
    California Steve

  10. Greetings :
    Very good work, I enjoy watching this, thanks for the images.

  11. Really really nice! Superb craftsmanship.

    I have my father’s copies of both Night Flight and Wind, Sand and Stars and have read both several times. There was a good movie made from Night Flight, starring Clark Gable, which is one of those great Warner Brothers 1930s flying movies (another good one is “Helldivers of the Navy”, starring Gable, the Curtiss F8C-1 Helldiver and the USS Saratoga). “Night Flight” is well worth watching. Unfortunately there are no French airplanes in it.

  12. Thank You! I will watch those movies and Exupery’s books are among my top favourites 🙂

  13. Excellent workmanship, nothing like a scratchbuild model that turns out so well.

  14. Well, words can’t describe how amazed and moved I am by your work, you should see my face 🙂 I really appreciate and enjoy it a lot. Craig mentioned “true modelling” – I do agree! Sheer excellence! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Gabor,
    I, like all of the others i am Truly impressed . I am in awe of your skills.

  16. Simply stunning! One day I may grow up to be a real modeler also!!

  17. ez valami elképesztően komoly munka, gratulálok!! it’s a kind of extremely great modelling work, congratulations (…for those non-hungarian readers 🙂 )

  18. Gabor, my sincere admiration!

  19. Thank You All – You are too kind to me 😉 ! Köszönöm Milán!

  20. This is amazing work! Beautiful!

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