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Moson Model Show 2015 – Part 10 (figures & vignette, contd.)

Continuing the excellent selection of figure modeling from the 2015 Moson Model Show. Don’t forget to add a comment and compliment your favorties!

Watch this space for many more photos from the show.

Note: If you were participating in the Moson show and recognize your model in this collection, why not join iModeler and share some more information about it!

41 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses to Moson Model Show 2015 – Part 10 (figures & vignette, contd.)

  1. True artists at work. Thanks again for posting all these photos from the show.

  2. Great selection, and great ideas for anyone thinking of developing their skills in this area of modelling (me).

  3. This isn’t just modeling, this is also oil painting in three dimensions! Lots of respect for the people who can pull it off. (Of which I am definitely not one!) The first one is probably my favorite of the bunch. Followed closely by the R/C flyer (for obvious guy reasons!) I do wonder what the story is behind the German soldier with the bike. The Gladiator is a great likeness of Russell Crowe as Maximus as well.

  4. That 3-dimensional Norman Rockwell painting is just superb. Everything’s good, but that really stands out for originality and execution. It’s one of Rockwell’s most iconic paintings.

  5. The dio is 54mm from Andrea called Ïs it serious ” If you care to go to website …Coolminiornot you will find it posted a few days ago and lots more of this guys work..Truly inspirational artist…I think the Fantasy head dio is his as well.

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