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Upcoming Mossie Mania

Just to have an acceptable (so: not perfect) Mossie in my 48th collection I decided to marry the venerable nearly perfect in Outline Airfix Mossie with the superbly molded Tamiya which has some severe fuselage shape issues (cross section behind the wings`trailing edge and fuselage height) The model has the Tamiya canopy which resulted in an awful putty&sand job at the seems. The kit is colored with Schmincke artist airbrush paints. The tones are self mixed. Declas from Aeromaster (mostly).

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses to Upcoming Mossie Mania

  1. Andreas, not sure what’s happened, but you seem to have loaded up a second article, but without photos.

  2. There was a problem with my first try. A window popped up indicating that my try was unsuccessful. So I tried a second time. Sorry! Hope not a big problem for you.
    Nice (rest of) Sunday from cold and sunny Berlin


  3. I like the markings and the gunfire residue around the 20mm cannon!

  4. I see Tamiya is bringing out a new tool fighter version in 1/32, but your 1/48 build looks great.

  5. Good job on this old kit and a good inspiration to dig out my AX Mossie and build it !

  6. Wow, a 1/32 Mosquito from Tamiya, I could be tempted…….. but your 1/48 model looks great, Andreas.

  7. Congratulations Andreas on a job well done. As a long time “kit masher” I truely appreciate your efforts to achieve “perfection”

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