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1/72 Testors/Fujimi F7U-3 Cutlass

This was an old bag kit I finally got around to building. It was a nice kit, easy build, with a decent fit. I used the original decals.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to 1/72 Testors/Fujimi F7U-3 Cutlass

  1. The build and the pics look good, Joe…I’m thinkin’ you needed a LOT of nose weight for that. 🙂

  2. If you squeeze your eyes closed a little, you can convince yourself this is the grandpappy of the F-15.

    Nice build, Joe. Sometimes these old kits look just right!

  3. Good to see a Cutlass been built, nice one!

  4. Hi, Joe, you mean it came in a bag like the original Airfix kits? Whatever, it looks like a nice clean build.

    • A long time ago, Squadron Shop would run a special now and then, on various kits with no boxes. An outer bag containing all the inner bags and decals you would ordinarily find in the box, and deeply discounted prices. I guess they were over runs or the boxes had been damaged. Sometimes the price was irresistable, and the kit was decent.

      • Joe, when I was on the road for various in’surance companies, I could visit their store in Silver Spring, in the suburbs of D.C. They had a table dedicated to kits with variously crushed boxes and bagged kits. Deals could be had!
        I really miss the place, but they decided to get out of the retail store end of the business. My bank account doesn’t. Nuts!
        Good old Roy and his crew! Try to get that level of entertainment on the internet!

  5. Nice to see it posted Joe.
    As for “old bag” , that could mean a lot of things LOL.

  6. Well done Joe. Beautiful Cutlass. This by far my favourite 50’s US Navy fighter. Imagine how this design would have performed if the engines were not under-powered and it had the advantages of modern day fly-by-wire technology. Unfortunately it’s an aircraft that did not endear itself to its pilots. The Fischer 1/32 is in my stash. I just need to muster the courage to build the beast.

  7. Joe,
    Very nicely done. As I remember, this was a pretty well done kit for it’s age. You did it right. When I first went aboard BHR in 1957 there was still one Cutlass on deck. It was shortly off loaded and I have no idea where it went. I never saw it fly. I did the 1/48 version and posted it earlier. Again, beautiful job.

  8. Was it this they called the “ensign eliminator”?
    Ah, the 50s! All them interesting prototypes.
    The Cutlass was featured on a Navy recruiting poster of the time, which I remember. Hot stuff!
    I always wondered how it was to climb up whatever ladder they had to get into it. Bet that was a joy on a windy day or if one was hung over!

  9. Nice Cutlass, Joe. Build that one from Fujimi, years ago.
    Well done !

  10. Hey Joe I just buy two F7U cutless from eBay . And looking at the pictures in what you did have me an idea to build one , I well have it the 1960 look. Like the old . In vietnam in country. I can’t wait to see how it look like. Thanks for the idea joe , good modelings.

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