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F-5E Photo Recon

Here’s my just completed, fresh baked, F-5E Photo Recon, an Italeri 1/48 kit. I read some reviews of this kit after I bought it and before I started it that had me worried, but it really went together good. I’m glad I didn’t read them before I bought it!
The kit provides 4 decal options. I chose “3rd PG, Florence, Italy, 1944” because it doesn’t have invasion stripes and I liked the black tail with yellow numbers.
Thanks for letting me post and happy painting and glueing to you!

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses to F-5E Photo Recon

  1. Very nice build and pics, Ralph. I like it.

  2. It looks like you enjoyed the build, Ralph, and it has turned out well. I usually take the reviews with a pinch of salt, I suspect these people often have their own axes to grind and/or their own commercial interests to follow……. Your “review” would sell the kit to me!

  3. Nice work Ralph, looks quite pretty to me.

  4. Great work! Now I consider Italeri for a p-38J.:)

  5. Thanks everyone, I added another photo taken out doors on the hood of my truck, the natural light is nice I think.

  6. A different look for the ol’ P-38, nice!

  7. Nice Lightning, Ralph!

  8. Nice work, and I agree with your choice of scheme – I hadn’t seen that one before and it’s very attractive.

  9. Really pretty Photo Lightning, Ralph. The scheme adds to it, simple but different, and colorful without being gaudy. The bare metal came out well, multi tones like on the real thing. Did you put weight in the nose?

  10. Ralph,
    Very nicely done. I don’t what you had read about the Academy kit but I have always liked it. I have done a number of them and I have good things to say about the kit. Yours looks great.

  11. P.k said on May 12, 2015

    I Like !!

    15Af in Italy .


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