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I-58 (Keiten)

This is Academy’s 1/350 Japanese submarine I-58 (Keiten), infamous for sinking the U.S.S. Indianapolis on the latter’s return from delivering parts for the first atomic weapons, just a week before the end of hostilities in the Pacific.

In 1946, the boat was used as a gunnery target by the USN, and sunk.

The kit is part of Academy’s ‘Premium’ package, which includes the heavy cruiser and the submarine, together with an enormous amount of photoetch, although the submarine etch is limited to handrails, mostly. There is, however, a wooden deck as an extra.

The build progresses. The Keiten were torpedoes manned by a single person, who guided it to its suicide target.

I tried to replicate the funnel aerial using spares etch and monofilament. Not so good.

I tried again, using fine copper wire wound around a toothpick, and strung with ultrafine stainless steel wire(s), which was more successful.

After application of the paint scheme, I applied streaks of wear, grime and rust, for effect. I still have to go back and adjust the funnel wires a little.

The base is the kit’s own, sprayed black. It comes with a neat sign, in Kanji on one face, and English on the other. I sprayed the sign with a pewter aerosol for a burnished metal effect.

Now, on with the Indy.

22 responses to I-58 (Keiten)

  1. I didn’t realize this kit(s) was on the markrt. Nice work on the sub, those wire spreaders are a pain in any scale. I favor a “clean” looking ship if displayed as a stand alone (as opposed to a diorama) but your paint application looks great.

    • Cheers, Mike. Academy brought out the Indy a year or so back, closely followed by the Trumpeter offering. Then Academy brought out the Premium edition with the sub, with PE and wooden decks.

      The amount of photo etch included is incredible. There are two sets of PE instructions in colour, A2 sized, double sided, separate to the main kit.

      I tried Ulf’s ‘mottle’ on the lower hull, using yellow, green, and brown sprayed in blotches randomly, then the hull red applied thinly over all. It’s a tiny kit, really, and unfortunately the effect isn’t so very apparent, but it does look the part. I’m sure the Indy’s hull will be more prominent.

  2. Nicely done, Rob…I applaud your tenacity (and talents). I like it.

  3. great subject…nice model

  4. Congratulations Rob!
    Well done. Nice unkempt look.
    Three extra cheers for the cage antenna.
    Looking forward to see your Indy. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the PE. Remember, you don’t have to fit all of it.

  5. Nice work Rob, great job on the antenna.
    A good looking sub.

  6. Beautiful work, awesome amount of detail! Very inspiring!

  7. Rob,
    A true piece of art. I am very impressed with this model. I envy your skill.

  8. Great sub Rob, some good detail there. It has a nice weathered look to it.
    Looking forward to seeing the ship as well!

  9. Nice work, Rob. The Indy/I-58 saga is fascinating. If you can find a copy, “Left for Dead” by Pete Nelson, is a great read on the sinking and a 1990’s high school student’s research project that led to the clearing of Captain McVay’s name. A tragedy all around.

  10. Great looking Sub, Rob !

  11. Convincing finish on this, Rob, and fine detail work. I particularly like the ‘overhead’ view in one of the photograpahs.

    • Thanks, George. I realised after I’d done the photos that I’d set aside two minuscule pieces of etch that sit in the deck in a flag-like shape (might be another sort of aerial), that I thought might be damaged if installed earlier, so have since installed them.

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