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North Africa Collection

Hi guys, here goes my first contribution. Just a couple of photo’s of a part of my Eight Army builds. I will take some better photographs soon. Comments are welcome. All models are 1/35 scale, airbrushed and weathered with oils and pigments.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to North Africa Collection

  1. Hi Tappie, thanks for posting these, they look good, especially the weathering, but a bit more info about the models would be appreciated by those, like me, who are a little ignorant about such things.

    • My apologies. The first photo from left to right is a M3 Honey Stuart with early turret. The cammo scheme is pale stone, slate grey and desert yellow. Next to the Honey is a M4 Sherman in desert yellow. The 2nd picture is a Quad with 25 pounder gun and limber (cassion) hitched up as in a convoy. Next is a Dingo scout car used primarily for recon duties and running messages. Next a Crusader tank, at some point the mainstay of the Eigth Army tank corps. The last picture has a Chevrolet truck and a Universal Bren Gun Carrier. The Bren carrier is painted in the same scheme as the Honey. Thankis for the kind words. I need to take better pictures.

  2. Tappie, thanks for showing us your great collection of N. African campaign vehicles.
    Is that a Crusader I see?
    I really like the Dingo weathering, and the pose of the Bren/Universal Carrier driver, and the blue in the scheme.
    Good looking 25 pounder with prime mover and caisson, too.
    All my favorites, absent a Matilda. Just something about her, that appeals.

  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about, well done Bud, Cool builds. I really like your stuff. Dit is baie mooi my Chom.

  4. Fantasties!!! Hou baie van jou versameling. High time that South Africa’s contribution to WW II gets some attention. Let’s see how many WW II SAAF aircraft gets posted!!! Well done!!!

  5. Morne, watch this space. I have some 1/48 SAAF Desert Air force builds.

  6. Added some photos of the Bren Carrier and Honey.

  7. Tap pie,
    Beautiful workmanship. Great looking models

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