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1/32nd Revell-Monogram Hawker Hunter

Like George (below), I haven’t been posting of late, either. Not because I couldn’t, but because I didn’t have anything TO post. 🙁
Recently, I got a hold of a kit I’ve never built (in any scale). The Hawker Hunter.
This 32nd offering was a pretty decent kit, albeit my modeling skills are the same as ever – mediocre. There is a ton of armament and markings from which to choose (British and/or Swiss), but I chose the ‘simple’ version – fuel tanks only.

Something else I don’t usually (if ever) do, and that’s brush paint camouflage, but I thought I’d try it…probably won’t attempt it again – I don’t like the way it turned out (spray paint would’ve looked better…this is too thick). A little #8 birdshot in the [rather] small nose piece held in with some modeling clay, and it’ll sit on the gear just fine.

All in all, a fair representation of a Hunter…an aircraft I didn’t have previously.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

46 responses to 1/32nd Revell-Monogram Hawker Hunter

  1. Glad to see you got this one together. Good on you! I particularly like the overall finish. Well done.

  2. Looks fine to me. I’ve never had good results with brush painting but your results with that method look quite nice. Looks like a good addition to your collection.

  3. I also think it looks great Craig. What a great looking aircraft. I just might have to do one of these.
    Very nice Craig.
    California Steve

  4. Craig, Looks good, No way could I get those kind of results with a brush. Nicely done.

  5. Craig, you done good! The Hunter is just one of the really good looking airplanes of all time. Your painting looks good to me, it’s a beaut!

  6. Greetings :
    Wonderful job Craig. Clean and sharp.
    Sure miss the pilot figure. In these times, it is very seldom seen upon opening the box. The figure gave the viewer a sense of size.

    • Hello, Erick….alas, this kit came sans pilot (although I doubt I would’ve used it at in any event – I’m terrible at painting figures). I am, however, remiss in not providing an object for reference.
      In lieu of that oversight, the fuselage is about 18″ long, nose-to-tail and wingspan around 14″. Thanks for the response.

  7. It is the first jet which impressed me in aviation meeting, the Belgian air force possessed it in the sixties. (See
    Nice realization, very good finish !

  8. A very good rendition of a true classic!!! Well done Craig!!!

  9. Nicely done Craig, brush painting is an art form in itself, especially over a largest surface.
    Great to see the old Hunter though.
    Well done mate.

  10. Great work! This must be huge! The finish is spectacular!

  11. Awesome! Well done!

  12. Nice work Craig,the hunter is possibly the most attractive aircraft ever, I’ve seen these for sale a few times and passed them by but next time I may well have a punt.

  13. One thing I noticed, Craig – modellers always finish aircraft in a matte/flat finish, so that the subjects don’t take on a toy-like appearance.

    However, all aircraft in fact have a finish that varies from a low sheen to a high gloss, to aid aerodynamically. The Hunter is no exception, and partly because of its rounded, elegant lines the sheen is quite prominent on the real aircraft.

    I think it’s a nice change to see a modelling representation of this finish, although I accept your reasons for said application may be entirely different to those mentioned.

    Anyway, nice job!

    • Hi Simon – and thanks for the comment(s) . I brush painted a coat of Future prior to decaling and then again after decaling. A third coat was applied on top of the camo. I thought about brushing the final coat with Testor’s Dullcote, then thought a shiny ‘new’ Hunter would/might look better.

  14. Nice clean build, superior job on the “camo”.

  15. It’s a classic, Craig, with the “right” camoflage scheme, you’ve hit the bull’s eye again!

  16. great job as usual craig. love the paint scheme.

  17. As someone who brush paints only, you did a fantastic job, especially on such a large subject! My subjects are all 1/72 scale, but even there, larger aircraft (like my recent AC-119) stretch the limits of using a brush to good effect. Great job!

  18. Nah, Craig! You wuz returning to your artistic roots. Try that line at your next social gathering. Wear a beret, paint stained clothing, sandals, you know the drill….. Use words like perspective, ouevre, tactility. When their eyes glaze over, or they hurriedly excuse themselves, you know it worked!
    Puttin’ on the rubes!

  19. good looking model

  20. Nice Job! – brush painted or not the finish looks good and shows off the Hunter well.

  21. Sorry for the late comment Craig, great to see brush painting done so well, well done mate, I would hate to ask how many coats you put on, I would have covered all the panel lines. Great job on a great subject. top notch.

    • Hi Marc….no worries, thanks for the reply. I only applied the one coat (save for the touch-up here and there). And truth be known, I wasn’t overly concerned with panel lines. If and when I brush coat any paint in the future, I’ll thin it a little first (Tamiya acrylic). 🙁

  22. Rock solid modelling, Craig ! Great finish, well build with your usual free interpretation of markings.
    Well done !

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