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1/48 Classic Airframes Bf 109B-2

This was built primarily out of the box with an Ultracast seat added and the prop pieced together from a CMK 109E prop. The documentation is all over the place on this aircraft. I have seen it referred to as a B, C, and D in publications. I went with a B-2 because of the flush exhausts, variable pitch prop, and no wing guns. The pilot was Gotthard Handrick who won the gold medal in the Modern Pentathlon at the Berlin Olympics. I went with a 63/65 scheme that is mixed from Tamiya paint. I matched the 63 in Monogram book by Merrick and Hitchcock. I did manage to break off the reflector on the gunsight. The other thing is that on the port side I separated the 6.56 decal and managed to transpose the numbers, its 56.6 on the port side. I hate when that happens. The pilot is my first attempt at using Vallajo. Its a change from the enamel I was using and it took a little learning the new technique. I was a bit heavy handed but I am learning. Picture were taken with iphone..I really need to get a decent camera. Its far from perfect, feel free to point out the warts. Oh, and all the ground work will have to be replaced as there is a crack in the glass. It was not stressed to withstand a 9 pound cat.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

22 responses to 1/48 Classic Airframes Bf 109B-2

  1. Greetings :
    I am enjoying this one a lot. It expels a very good sense of “HISTORY” and “CLASSIC”. Very nice work.

  2. ICM figure?
    Nice model btw, don`t see the early birds so much

  3. Interesting build, John, you managed to achieve your aim using good idea and techniques. I like the story re the cat, did it think it was the litter tray?

  4. Nice vignette, John, in an unusual and attractive livery. I also would recommend Vallejo for painting figures.

  5. Cool, love that early 109. Very clean build.

  6. Thank you, Dmitry.

  7. Very very nice. One of my favourites. Love the paintwork. 🙂

  8. A nice build sir, and and a pleasant base too.
    Well done sir.

  9. Very nicely done – love the scheme selected and the subtle shading and weathering. Because I brush paint only, I recently started using Vallejo as they are more self-leveling than the formulas of most current enamels (and they do seem to have changed over the last 15-20 years). It’s much easier to end up with no brush strokes. They are a bit harder to mask and handle until you get them sprayed down well with top coats, but so far I like the results.

  10. Very nicely finished and photographed, sir….I like it a lot (and ya can’t see the crack). 🙂

  11. Nice clean build. I like the figure too.
    It would be interesting to find out, how many of the german athletes of 1933 survived the war. The long jumper, that became friends with Jesse Owen, was killed in Italy.

    • Most of my builds have to have a hook to capture my attention and for this one it was Handrick’s gold medal. The Louis Zamporini story appealed to me as well for the same reason. I read about Lutz Long and Jesse Owens when I was in high school. It’s another good story.

  12. Superb job John. Great work on the base and presentation too. Like it!

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