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1/48 Tamiya P-47D 20 Thunderbolt “Miss Mary Lou”

Here is one of my recent finishes.
This is 1/48 P-47 D20 with the markings of “Miss Mary Lou” from the 318th Fighter Group 19th FS ( Saipan 1944).
Cockpit modified by Eduard PE instrument panel and seat belts.
Upper surfaces painted to Gunze Olive drab and lower surfaces to Gunze Neutral grey. Natural metal areas painted with Alclad metalizers.
Decals are a mix of Aeromaster and old Hasegawa s decal sheet.
Final modification is “P-47 Thunderbolt Wheels, Diamond Treads” from Ultracast.
Carpe diem.

23 additional images. Click to enlarge.

21 responses to 1/48 Tamiya P-47D 20 Thunderbolt “Miss Mary Lou”

  1. Yet another outstanding build and series of sharp photographs, sir. The hits just keep on comin’. You certainly have model-buildin’ AND picture-takin’ down to a science. Very nice work all around, Tolga.

  2. Very nice work, Tolga.

  3. Nice P-47 Tolga – like the detail. If you have any advise for finding more P-47 decals (preferably bubbletop) I would be grateful thanks.

  4. Sure has the stance and feel of the Thunderbolt. Nice build as usual.

  5. Very Nice Tolga, I’m of coarse very partial to P-47s, and have always like the Saipan markings. Add that to the excellent build you’ve done here, I have to say, I like it very much. Good work !

  6. Very very nice, love the finish…sweet razorback

  7. Oh yeah, very very nice. Classic P47 too. Always liked this one.

  8. P.k said on June 28, 2015

    This is real !
    Correct colored in the right shades precise and clean
    this is the right way of plastic KIT building.


  9. My top highlight among many: the slightly silky shine of the surface which I believe to recognise in the original.

  10. Another sophisticated nuanced application of painted light and shade. I wonder what happen to the a/c if the stabs and tail where replaced along with the cowling due to a accident or where they replaced for ware and tear or the squadron decided to go with bare metal. The black and white photo helps reaffirms the models charms. It looks like the original a/c had the “Stars and Bars” repainted …just like the decals. In field they faded.
    Two thumbs up on the natural light photos too.

  11. Thanks to all for their comments.

  12. The stripped tail and cowling was a squadron marking.

    Very nice work (as usual) Tolga. The hits do keep a’comin’.

  13. Excellent, Tolga, it’s all very good, but I think the finish really is the “finishing touch”.

  14. Very nice work Tolgur, captures all the Razorbacks brutish charm, like the bazooka tubes, I find these can be difficult to get looking right – but you have them perfectly here!

  15. Ditto all the above comments – very nice work!

  16. *** Greetings ***
    The P-47 has always been one of my favorites, no matter what angle it is seen, it is captivating. It has a charm too it that not even the P-51 can cause that feeling ( my personnel opinion ).
    Your model is an example of good work and planning, the interior is very well done.
    Thank you for sharing those pictures.

  17. My grandfather flew 43-25439 The “GAIL ANN” also in the 318th, also in Saipan…

    I’m wanting to make a model of this plane… could you give many any tips on where to start?
    Thank You!

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