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410 Hornet

Hi all,
Here is just completed Messerschmitt 410 Hornet, or Hornisse a Revell “Pro Modeler” kit in 1/48 scale

This was a challenge as I really had a fight to get the canopy together, on the fuselage and still enclosing the parts of the cockpit that stick and out of it, much of that is the assembly for the sighting mechanism for the two side mounted guns. Not to mention, as always the complex paint scheme is hard for me. So I would not say I have “raised the bar” for myself any on this but am mainly glad to get done with it!

Thanks for sharing your great models and providing a place for me to share too.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to 410 Hornet

  1. A fine-lookin’ build AND paint job, Ralph….nothin’ to apologize for here!

  2. Ralph. I have to admit I was a bit Ho-hum about your build at first, but as I followed your pictures, the more I liked it. You did a wonderful build here.
    Good Job.

  3. Nice build Ralph, with all the details and the beautiful paint work. My RoG Me 410 looked good until i added the clear parts…..

  4. Awesome build Ralph. You have inspired me to take mine out of the stash!!! Well done!!!

  5. Very nice indeed Ralph. I particularly like your cockpit – just beautiful! I agree with your comments about the canopy: I forget just how I did mine but I remember the cussing at the time before I got it together.

  6. First Rate, Ralph. Cockpit looks really good. Nice mottling, too. It looks the part.

  7. Ralph, over all nicely done 410! I too remember sweating the canopy assembly when building the kit kit.

  8. Looks like you’re not the only to have had problems fitting the canopy with this kit, but it seems you sussed it, nice looking model.

  9. Thanks everyone. George I’m not sure what “sussed” means but I’m glad to know I have done it!

    Happy Fathers Day to all you dad’s out there too!

    • ‘Sussed’ is a British expression, meaning ‘to figure out’ or resolve.

      Nice work on this. I think these are really attractive aircraft. I was recently looking at the Meng ‘B’ version which has a lot of nice detail. I don’t know how the Revell kit stacks up for accuracy, but it looks the part anyway.

  10. Very nice build.

  11. Great finished product! Like the paint work, and the cockpit (as has been mentioned) looks very nice.

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