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H.M.S Hood 1/350 in progress

Hello, its have been a long time since my last active posting here on iModeler. Beside the fact, there is currently not much time for modelling, i would like to present you one of my projects, that keeps me busy.
Its Trumpeters H.M.S Hood in 1/350 scale. It was started in 2007 (!) and stalled shortly after i noted the long seem around the hull, between upper and the underwater part of this rather long hull. Filling and sanding was “fun”
Re started many times, now i have some new skills and a Trumpeter detail set, Eduard PE parts ( BiG Ed) White Ensign turrets and a Pontos self adhesive wooden deck, that finally blew new live in it.
H.M.S Hood wasn t only expensive for british tax payers 😉
The colors used, above the waterline are also from WEM. Its my first attempt to super detail a warship.
Hood is with her graceful lines a favorite of mine, since i saw the first time in my live the boxart on an Italeri kit, back in my youth.
The build is half way done and i feel its too late for a classical WIP topic, so here it is
Hope you like the effort so far


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30 responses to H.M.S Hood 1/350 in progress

  1. Bernd, this is going to look so good when its finished, I love the fine work, you must have a powerful magnifying glass to see all that small stuff, cant wait to see when its finished.

  2. Looks like you have got your hands full there Bernd.
    I strain my old eyes on 1/72 let alone 1/350.

  3. Cheers mates, still use my Mk.I eyeballs. Its still a lot of work/fun. Every kit part can be enhanced with brass. The kit itself is a nice one, but not without flaws, Trumpeter will release Hood in 1/200, if you have some space ( and budged ) for spare.
    You may note the hull of another ship, its Revells Bismarck and the bench is crowded with some aircraft “projects”

  4. Beautiful work (so far), Bernd…I’ve learned my lesson trying to build a “presentable” battleship….all that PE would cause me to drink heavily! 🙁
    What with all that aftermarket stuff, you probably spent as much [if not more] than the KIT. And to top it off, you have ANOTHER ship in the yard! Oh Ye of never-ending “punishment” – and patience. I, on the other hand, will allow my ‘lazy’ genes to take over and stick to airplanes. Good on YOU, my friend. And whatever ya do, don’t clean up that workbench – you’ll never FIND anything if ya do. 🙂

    • Hi Craig, thank you very much, it isn t my first ship, so its a learning curve, like almost everything in modelling,.
      Having two ships in progress mean, i can glue plastic together as base work and detailing on the other one.
      Bismarck will have the same detail level as Hood but i have some of these incredible Pontos detail sets on top of my wishlist for further builds.

  5. Bernd. I really look forward to seeing the finished project. With what I’ve seen from your prior works, I expect nothing short of a wonderful model.
    If you haven’t already seen it, their are some underwater wreckage photos of this ship. It was very interesting to see the amount of destruction sustained by this ship.

    • Hi Terry, thank you very much for this compliment, i hope this one will please you too.
      The photos of the wreck of Hood are familar too me, this huge field of debris with some parts of the twisted hull are a sorry look.
      Interesting was to see that the hubs of the ships propellers were smashes by the pressure of water in this depth.
      Here is a very interesting link about the ship, it contains the story from one of the three(!) that survived, from the start of WWII until they were brought back to England
      Thrilling story !
      Hopefully more soon 🙂

  6. Greetings :
    For sure it is a very interesting project, I look forward to this build. As of now, it is looking good.

  7. Great start – or should it be restart?- and always good to see a ship project here. Hope you have plenty of WEM paints- they went out of business last year, but hopefully someone is going to pick up the product range soon, I hear.

  8. You’ve done a lot of work on this, Bernd, and by the looks of it, there’s still a lot more to do, but, I’m sure it will be worth it in the end!

  9. WEM’s paint range was bought by a company called Sovereign who now have a website. They have all the paints available.

  10. My friend this looks like a superb effort and I can’t wait for the final roll out. She is going to look spectacular!!!

  11. Excellent work Bernd!
    Keep it up. Large ship models are long term projects, but the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve finished one is correspondingly great.
    Great work on the PE stuff! It’s not just about getting it in place. It’s about getting it well aligned. Looks really good so far.
    Are you going to weather her? If so, be sure to weather all of the ship, not just the part above the waterline.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    • Thank you very much, Ulf. You are right with the feeling after a finished step. It s a great feeling from ” i can t do that” to ” done it” 🙂
      Hood will not get much weathering, she will displayed in a show case. The idea behind is probably my first visit to the Marine Ehrenmal in Laboe, i was 12 and standing in this hall with all these great models in display cases, after i recovered my jaw from the floor, we went to the submarine U-995 and walked through the interior of it.
      There will be some slight washes to pop out some details like the ammunition lockers on her boat deck. These parts are really “funny” filling and sanding the pin marker on the back and glue a PE part on the front…..
      More to come !

  12. Very nice work Bernd. Started and finished mine in 2007, but the Revell Bismarck has been stalled out about as long.

  13. So far so good mate! I see a couple of tricky bits of photo etch there!
    It will be a stunner when it’s done!

  14. The photoetch looks nice and plumb, it takes a skilled hand to get these type of results.

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