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MR.PAINT – new range of model paints

I have been buildin plastic kits for 42 years already. As I have progressed, I was always looking for the best paints available. I used Humbrol, Molak, Testors, Pactra, Mister kit, Lifecolor, Xtracolor, Xtracrylics, Vallejo, Tamiya.and more.

All these colors have weaknesses than positive effects. Eamels have long drying time, tend to render a rough surface texture, attract dust and show poor stability with time, with tendency of yellowing.

Approximately twenty years ago acrylic colors have begun to emerge. Based on PVC and PVC epoxy they produce a nice thin coat and dried quickly. With this comes a drawback – risk for airbrush clogging, more difficult to clean and a comparetively weaker “grip” with the risk of peeling off the surface.

Years ago, Eduard imported what was then the best colors from Japan Gunze Sangyo acrylics (H) and acrylic lacquers (C) which are extremely good for the use and application, easy to clean and thin with their lacquer leveling thinner. These are indeed really good but the range of authentic color shades is somewhat limited.

Introducing MR.PAINT

Here is the solution coming from experienced Slovakian model builder Rene Molnar, who decided to produce a range of authentic modellers paint MR.PAINT. These come
with a wide range of shades representative of the different air forces from
WWII to modern Russia, RAF, Luftwafe, USAF/USN and more.

MR.PAINT is a Slovak firm focussed on producing paint colours for modellers. The colours are designed specifically to be used with an airbrush. All paints are pre-thinned for immediate use with a 0.3mm nozzle. Please note that further thinning may be required with smaller diameter nozzles. For this the company offers their own thinning agent, MR.THINNER.

Testing the paints

Having read some good reviews, I was eager to put the first few bottles I bought to test.
Airbrush application is easy indeed, the paints can be applied in light coats and cover thoroughly. I attach some photos on my painting experiments on the F-5E in 1/72 scale.

I think that these paints are among the best available now.


18 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to MR.PAINT – new range of model paints

  1. Is it possible to get any Mr Paint color chart ?

  2. P.k said on June 15, 2015

    On their Internet site All their items and paints by country You do not need any converters because it is for each army after all rules with a name and FS, or ANA, RLM, standard indicated.
    To build kit all you need a documentation and reference book or internet.

  3. It’s more expensive than Gunze acrylics and this is something strange (for me). It’s good that there are AMT colors. Anyway I think that “authentic colors” is more a kind of marketing than a real advantage – paint will not look the same in 1:1 and 1:72 scales, shading and weathering techniques forces us to use more lighter tones and so on.

    • P.k said on June 15, 2015

      All the while depending on the abilities skils and wishes of modeller.
      On the basis of the colors match my artifact I have collected at crash sites from WWII im have the RAF, USAF, Luftwaffe, Russian pieces of airplanes and all matches.
      scale effect is on each of Builder kit.
      the base is complete all the rest are just nuances.
      and these paints are made to lighten the desired effect as Gunze and Akan.
      Price is not high on content and quantity and even barred dried not like other paint once they open
      because you paint a few models and is empty

  4. P.k thanks for sharing this info with us.

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