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Tamiya 1/32 Scale South African Airforce Spitfire XVI e

June 20, 2015 · in Aviation · · 29 · 2.4K

This aircraft was stationed at AFB Langebaanweg Air Operations School in South Africa circa 1953.It was flown by 1 Squadron and was used to train aircrew going to fight in Korea in F 51 D Mustangs.

This is another of those great scale kits that I love raving about, I built this about 4 Months ago, once again I painted the model with three types of Alclad Paints, Airframe Aluminium, Semi Matt Aluminium and Polished Aluminium with a Alclad Gloss Vanish, I used a base coat of Tamiya Gloss Black. I kept the Rudder, ailerons and elevators Matt, as they were covered in fabric.

I have added a News Paper clipping from that period mentioning some of the crashes that took place during training, hope you can read it, the print is rather small.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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  1. Beautiful rendition of an equally beautiful aircraft, Marc...well done!

    • Hi Craig,
      Thank you for the kind comment, yes it is a beautiful aircraft, and the sound of that Merlin engine just makes the hair on my neck stand up. Thanks Craig.

  2. said on June 20, 2015

    Fantasties my vriend. Undoubtedly the most beautiful Spitfire version! Very impressive build!

    • Hi Morne, dankie, I wonder if we will ever get our Spitfire flying in South Africa again, I miss seeing it at the air shows.

      • said on June 21, 2015

        Nothing beats the sound of that Rolls Royce engine! I am sure we will see her in the air in the not too distant future!

        • Ja nee, that would be sumthing to look forward to, hope its soon, happy fathers day, get any kits?

          • said on June 21, 2015

            Got myself an XB-70 Valkyrie to keep me busy whilst attempting to finish 7 other projects!

  3. You're a busy man, Marc, where do you put all these 1/32 models? Anyway, I can't comment on whether this is the most beautiful version of the Spitfire, but it's certainly very attractive in this colour scheme, good job!

    • Hi George, I have quite a big display cabinet, but its getting full, I have already started looking at getting another one, Thanks for the comment on the build.

  4. Marc, beautiful Spitfire, moreso with the springboks!

  5. Nice work Marc, always enjoy a nice Spit, I really like the bubble top canopy's on these better than the original style. I know I'll probably hear from the Spitfire purist on that, but "hey", Morne is the one who said it was the "most beautiful version" !, So go pick on him first !

    • I love any Spitfire mark, they are all equally beautiful aircraft. I can only agree with Morne and you Terry, so, no arguments there. Thanks for the great comment. Cheers.

  6. Seems you are "producing" these beauties like hot rolls ! Stunning work 🙂

    • Thanks again Bernd, my friend Tappie and myself go through what we call the Zone, where we can build through the night, chat and talk History and laugh mostly, its great to have a friend that has the same interests. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Five stars for the engine, especially the wiring, Marc.
    What's your source for the SA decals?

    • Hi Halvar, the decals for the South African post war Spitfires can be ordered from Alley Cat decals, if you would like some, give me a shout and I will post you some, no problem. Thanks for the comment. Cheers

  8. Something really different for Spitfire lovers & what a great job you've done Marc. Really looks great in natural metal finish. The engine treatment is superb as well.

  9. Very nice. Great finish on an interesting scheme. I have it in 148. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the comment Paul, I would like to see your build.

  11. Very different take on a historic aircraft, looks good in the detail department!

  12. Blood sweat and glue. It takes a lot to build such a beauty. One day I hope to build as neat and clean, weathering aside. Hours of sanding out pin marks, reshaping and fitting of parts, the list goes on. Great job buddy.

  13. As always, thank you for your kind comments Bud.

  14. Lovely work! When were they painted that overall grey colour I wonder? The bubble top was such an improvement in cockpit vis, was actually test flown quite early in the war, but only put into production towards the end. The clean straight un-stepped fuselage line of the bubble top I think, makes the Spitfire even more beautiful, if that were possible!

  15. Hi James, most of the Spitfires at Langebaanweg in the Cape were painted Dark Sea Grey top and Medium Sea Grey bottom, I came across a few rare pictures of this natural metal finish Spitfire 5483 from 1 Squadron, during 1953 at Langebaanweg.
    Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it, Marc.

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