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1/32 Scale Trumpeter English Electric Lightning F.Mk1 RAF Coltishall 1963

Modifications to back date the kit to a Mk1:

Removal of the wiring conduit running 3/4 of the length of the fuselage
Scratchbuilt Instrument panel.

Corrections and additions to the kit:

Reshaping of the fuselage area underneath the windshield
Removal of most of the canopy and windshield frames and then re-modelling them to make them fatter
Reshaping of the spine
Additional 3mm added to the length of the kit in the form of a plug immediately forward of the exhaust pipes.
Reshaping of the fuselage in between the exhaust pipes
All NACA vents carved into the fuselage
Reshaped tip of the vertical stabilizer
Reshaped tips of the elevators
Moved wings approx 4mm rearward
Moved tail back approx 3mm
Main undercarriage legs shortened by 5mm and made thicker
Reshaped ventral fuel tank
New ventral fin
Corrected seamless intake
Scratchbuilt APU exhaust
Modified main undercarriage doors
Added brake lines
Added inner canopy frames and details underneath the canopy.
Scratchbuilt vaious vents and scoops.


Master pitot tube
AMS resin Ejection seat (With modified pull handle)
Aires cockpit (with modified instrument panel and Power levers)
Aires Exhausts
Aires Wheel bays
Mastercasters Wheels


Alclad paints for the Natural metal finish
Extradecal markings with masked roundels and serial numbers/letters.
Extradecal stencil data

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

31 responses to 1/32 Scale Trumpeter English Electric Lightning F.Mk1 RAF Coltishall 1963

  1. Eric, I assume this is the Trumpeter kit, in which case all the changes you’ve made were required to correct kit errors for the most part. As it happens, I just watched a short BBC series ‘ Co,d War, Hot Jets’ that had a nice segment on these aircraft. Very nicely modelled indeed.

    • Thanks Rob.

      It is the Trumpeter kit indeed and I have changed the topic title to reflect that.


    • PS- A guy in our club used to fly these jets out of Coltishall at this time. The last time I was at Coltishall it was about 1990 as a contractor. The base was still operational but it was wound-down a few years later. Historically, an important base in this country, but people tend to only remember BoB bases, rather than those like Coltishall or Honington.

    • I saw the programme myself, it had some great footage of that era.
      The sight of the Vulcans and Victors was fun.

      • Both far superior to the B-52s, which the programme compared in great detail. The only reason they were phased out was the British government’s need to cut costs after a decade of defence spending that was using 8% of the national budget, while the population was still facing rationing, thus ushering in the era of submarine- and ICBM-dependent military strategy.

        The EE Lightning, too, was the result of the former spending largesse.

  2. Would like it if you could show him my model thanks Rob!

    • Happy to. I have to miss the August meeting but will download images on to iPad to show him. I once brought in a 1/48 Eduard Lightning kit (I think) and he had a go for my using the ‘wrong’ missiles. Can’t recall now if the Hellfires were wrong or right in the circumstances. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be forthcoming with an opinion!

  3. Very nice work Eric, the nmf finish and all the mods you have done, make it a stunning build.
    Well done mate.

  4. very nice build, well done.

  5. Eric you’ve captured the look and feel of the Lightening or the “Character” of this aircraft after correcting for errors. Some strong work and my vote for “Model of the Month”. Looking forward to seeing more of your builds.

    Two thumbs up.

  6. Superb Eric, excellent photography too.

  7. Well done!! I have this kit as well and it needs tons of work to correct. You did an awesome job on this one. I concur with Stephen that this is a strong contender for Model of the month!!!

  8. Expertly rendered and presented, sir….I, too, echo the suggestions for “Model of the Month” considerations (or at the very least, listed among the panel’s choices). One of the better examples I’ve seen. Very nice work!

  9. A lot of work to turn a pretty doggy kit into a great model. Good work.

  10. Eric, when I saw the first picture, I honestly thought it was the real thing! Marvelous work, and a lot of it, my congratulations.

  11. Very nice Lightning! It looks real!

  12. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very stunning work on that LIGHTING. The craftsmanship and the skills used, really shine. The finish is exemplary and the wreathing is very well done. A joy to watch, very good job.

  13. Considering what Trumpy gives us as a starting point and the amazing nmf I have to say this would be a great choice for model of the month, well done Eric!!

  14. That’s amazing. I’ve never really noticed the Lightning before. I’ve bloody noticed it now. Lol. Brilliant finish. Wonderful.

  15. It’s beautiful, Eric, excellent job. The lines of the Lightning are very hard to catch, but you’ve done it brilliantly.

  16. Very realistic metal finish.

  17. Love it – for all the reasons everyone else has already mentioned!

  18. Eric, another brilliant effort. I don’t know how you do it.

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s a No 74 Squadron bird. 74 was based at Tengah, Singapore when I was a flight commander in No 3 Squadron at Butterworth in 70/71. The Butterworth squadrons maintained a permanent detachment of six Mirages at Tengah in those days, and we used to occasionally “mix it” with the 74 Squadron Lightnings. 74 was equipped with the F.6 variant by that time. A hugely impressive aircraft in its day, but I would have to say that it was let down by its serviceability, which was pretty grim.

  19. Thanks for all the nice comments guys.

    Brick, yes its a 74 sqn bird, although slighty before your time!


  20. Happy, happy memories…

    It’s a Lightning, I’m British and I was stationed at Coltishall, what’s not to like.


  21. Awesome build !

  22. That’s beautiful! Well done!

  23. quite a paint project eric…………..congrats to all

  24. Hello Eric, Master Modeller.

  25. Class build Eric.

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