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1/72 Italeri SM.82 Marsupiale

This is Italeri’s Savoia-Marchetti 82 Marsupiale, presented in the early three banded scheme. A big hunk of plastic for sure. The kit has some nice features; weighted wheels, position able control surfaces, good internal detail, and three excellent decal choices. There is also an extra box art leaf that can be framed, and a booklet with walk around photos.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

29 responses to 1/72 Italeri SM.82 Marsupiale

  1. Nicely finished and photographed, sir….I like it.

  2. Boyoboy that’s a beauty. Like those big Italian trimotors. This is one you don’t see everyday, great model.

  3. Boyoboy that’s a beauty. Like those big Italian trimotors. They stuck whole CR-42’s in these. This is one you don’t see everyday, great model.

  4. Makes me think about building my kit.
    Nice build.

    • If you have one, build ‘er up my son !! A word of caution: the body is a bit weak for the wings. Make sure the floor plates are attached solidly on both sides along their entire length, and you should have no problems.

  5. Phil, very nice work. Looks great. I was going to say that is one good looking model for a [email protected]# ugly airplane, but I was afraid someone would take it wrong. So please except my admiration for your work here. But it does look like they made a Steam engine fly.

  6. A lot of modelling skills in evidence here, Phil, and nicely presented.

    I must say, I wasn’t aware these planes had flaps down on the ground. Wonder if it’s a hydraulic pressure link when engines are down.

  7. A big and sweet build there Phil.
    I like the colour scheme.
    Well done mate.

    • Thanks Simon !! It built up pretty good, with minimal filler, and is fairly accurate. The wind screen should be three sections on each side instead of one. I didn’t try to correct it, and neither did the masking set. But the box art is correct.

  8. If you knew nothing of that airplane, no even its name, and looked at it, you would know it has to be Italian. Very nice build of something you definitely do not

  9. Love your work. I’d love one in 1/48. Classic tri motor Italian design. Great job, love the camo.

  10. It’s so ugly it’s beautiful, and so Italian as well! I love it. Those propellors look very small, maybe that’s why there are three of them……..Anyway, it’s a very attractive model, the colour scheme really sets it off.

  11. What a beastie, with a dustbin/turret lowered directly in front of the bomb bay … going to a target must have been interesting for the gunner. Italeri does a good job of making some of the more esoteric Italian aircraft. Two thumbs up on this one. Looking forward to seeing more of your work Phil.

  12. Dang – just realized I’ve got 2 79’s but no 82 in my stash. I’m gonna have to get me one after seeing the fine job you did on yours. I love these paint schemes that are a little off the beaten path.

    Nice build!

  13. Phil, love the scheme, Italian schemes are a good deal more varied than “smoke rings” or solid green. I wouldn’t want to be bombing in this, unless the opposition was sans airpower. I can see it as a freighter or personnel carrier.
    Yep, that lower turret doesn’t look like someplace to be unless you’re sightseeing, though the bomber version of the JU-52 seems worse. “Dustbin” is real appropriate in that case! Woof!

    • Indeed, that bomb aimer’s fairing would not have been a place for the faint hearted. They must have been a noisy, squeaky things to fly in. The booklet that came with the model has a photo of one with about 300 blotches on the fuselage and wings where the bullet holes had been patched. I can only imagine. Glad you liked the build.

  14. A real beauty. Well done!

  15. Looks fantastic.
    Real Italian design

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