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Academy 1/48 scale SU-27 Flanker

Hello! Here is my Academy 1/48 scale SU-27 Flanker. This kit was purchased for the equivalent of about $20 in the city of Taegu, Republic of Korea back in 1995 (when I thought $40 was a lot to pay for a kit!). I worked on it here and there, little by little since then, and I think my skills got better faster than I was progressing with this kit. Long story short, a few years after I had put the fuselage together I opened this box up again and was not pleased with the level of detail in the cockpit (aside from a resin seat that was too narrow for the tub but I used it anyways just because I had already painted it), or the wheel wells, or the super thick wings on the missiles. I didn’t want to toss it, so I decided that I would just try and do my best to make the paint job look nice and weathered, post Soviet style, and I also wanted to make the hot section look like it has been abused by high temperatures. I will leave it up to you to decide how successful I was, but I think it looks pretty cool enough to be displayed behind a glass case at work.

Paint job was Model Master enamels, mixed and adapted by eyeball to look like something I saw online. I airbrushed the camo with my Sotar 20/20, and used Model Master Metalizers shot through my Badger 150, then finished off with Tamiya burnt metal weathering powders, and a wash of crayola water color black(-ish). Having experienced Academy decals before, I didn’t have confidence that they would go on without a fight, so I bought some decals from Begemont instead. They went on effortlessly!

I was almost not going to use the kit missiles and I didn’t want to spend money on after market for this build so in the end I decided that this jet just looked unfinished without missiles, and the ones in the kit weren’t going to be used anywhere else so I thought what the heck, just paint them and put them on! Good from afar but far from good!

Thanks for looking – CHEERS!


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25 responses to Academy 1/48 scale SU-27 Flanker

  1. Greetings :
    Nice SU-27 Ramon, very sharp and clean. I am planning on buying two of these but was always wondering if they ( ACADEMY ) would do it right. The do armor models fine. From what I see , it looks fine.

    • Thanks dude! yeah, with a little planning and prep, it can turn into a contest winner. my sample had the wings warped but i didnt notice until it was too late, so watch out for that. it can definitely benefit from a resin cockpit and weapons set. landing gear and exhaust cans are not bad, but there are aftermarket replacements available for those as well. the trickiest part is the intake trunk assemblies, but just take your time dry-fiting, filing, sanding and dry-fitting some more and you wont have too many problems.

      with a little scratchbuilding or resin upgrades, this kit will turn into something really cool! πŸ™‚

  2. Arguably, the most beautiful jet aircraft in the world, these Sukhoi types always look better ‘bombed up’ and you’ve certainly got the best out of this Academy offering. I built one of these a few years ago, and agree with you as to the kit’s shortcomings, but just look at those lines!

  3. That’s amazing mate! You’ve done a cracking job with it!
    I agree with Rob on that one, they look impressive, you’ve done it justice there though!

  4. Nice paint job, like the camo a lot

  5. As Rob said, one of the most beautiful aircraft currently flying (surpassed only by the Su-34 IMHO, which I’d love to see well-kitted in 72 and 48). Lovely model Ramon, paintwork looks excellent.

  6. Nice job all around, Ramon….the paint job, the missiles and especially those burner cans. I like it.

  7. Looks really good – great job on the metal heat staining also! Well done!

  8. Clean and sharp looking build. Very nice

  9. I think your efforts were time well spent, it’s a very cool looking aircraft, and your model definitely reflects this.

  10. Hi Ramon, this is really impressive, love the weathering by the engines, very nice build bud, well done.

  11. Great job all round Ramon, lovely finish to her.
    She is a big bird too.
    Well done mate.

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