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Some Images From The Airfix Website Concerning Their New 1/48 Defiant

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses to Some Images From The Airfix Website Concerning Their New 1/48 Defiant

  1. The article on their blog is well worth reading, about “scaling up” and “scaling down” a model and what that involves.

    There’s also great new info on the Shack that’s coming the first of December.

  2. Airfix seem to have the bit between their teeth with these early-war types, and nobody can touch them at the moment. I’m sure this kit will be very popular.

    • I fully agree. Now if they scaled up the Defiant and the Gnat then I am sure we could have a Supermarine Swift or maybe a Scimitar or is that just wishful thinking!!!

  3. Talk about wishful thinking, how about a Defiant in 32nd scale, as I said, wishful thinking.

  4. This has been played out before…if they only had gotten rid of the turret and had added some forward firing guns. The Defiant became a target tug. I’ve seen British Lockheed Ventura’s mounted with this style of turret which begs the idea of using it for that kit and turning the Airfix kit into a tug. Knowing the engineering of some of these New Airfix kits the Defiant will be easier to build than the CA kit.

  5. I wuz hoping! I’ll buy at least two! Bring on the Swift!

  6. I haven’t looked at their website, presumably the Shackleton will be 1/72? I remember having my first air experience flight when I was an Air Cadet in a Shackleton at RAF St Mawgan in Cornwall, more years ago than I care to remember.

  7. P.k said on July 30, 2015

    I’ll get it two New products from Airfix They are at high level
    Authentic kit.


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