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1/32 Tornado ECR

August 23, 2015 · in Aviation · · 20 · 4.5K

This is a relatively old kit that I bought on eBay from Germany some years ago. I recently saw one updated to ARC and thought that I should drag mine out and finish it. It was a pretty beat-up box when I retrieved it and so it needed a fair bit of work to get it back into shape.

I used some Aires products to improve things as the kit lacked detail in areas. Had to modify the cockpit a bit though as the Aires one is for an IDS not an ECR so I borrowed from the spare parts box. Most of the underside of the aircraft had no panel lines left but merely the ghosting of where they might possibly be so that had to be rescribed. I found that I needed to reinforce a lot of the internal structure with steel rod and epoxy as the model is basically build like an Easter egg. I actually added internal intake trunking which of course you cannot see. The decals where fun to put on! I actually chopped them up into smaller more manageable pieces and they actually responded very well to Mr Mark Softer so that was surprising. I was seriously intimidated by the decaling scheme but if you take your time and work at it systematically and piecemeal then it is quite achievable. Otherwise the fit of the kit was excellent. Painted entirely in Mr Color lacquers except for the Lufthansa Yellow for which I used sealed in Xtracylix Satin Varnish (for favourite satin finish for Gloss in scale effect).

There where lots of other little things that I did to it such as shortening the front oleo by about 3-4 mm so the aircraft would not sit up. Added the requisite weight to the front fuselage so she wouldn't tail sit. Order in a SAC undercarriage set which was a complete waste of time and I didn't end up using it instead chose to reinforce the legs with steel rods and epoxy. Anyway, I really wanted this scheme so now I have it. If you want more pics and in formation then I added some to my website and if you want more info on the actual 'Tigerjet' itself then this is more at the 321 Lechfeld website - which is conveniently located on the tail.



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  1. A sparkling build. The Tornado is one of the few jets I actually wanted to build, which says a lot as I'm not a 'jet guy'. I've done the ADV version, and the aircraft has added significance here in Norfolk as it's been granted yet another reprieve, being maintained in front line service while the Syrian war continues, with its UK base at RAF Marham.

    Great looking scheme.

    • Thanks. Interestingly enough while I certainly like the modern jets I had no particular interest in the Tornado as such until I started building it. What I really wanted was the tiger scheme but as I researched the aircraft I came to appreciate the particular attributes of the aircraft. What it does it does extremely well. I can see now why people have a particular attachment to the 'tonka' - it's an impressive machine indeed.

  2. Impressive to say the least !

  3. Nice build (Save)……great photos as well.

  4. Great looking build, sir...I like it a lot.

  5. Impressive, indeed! Both model and aircraft.
    I'm not as up on modern equipment as I was. Are those HARMS underneath?
    I recognize the ALQ-119 on the left outer, is that a BOZ chaff dispensor on the right one?
    Looks like the back seater has his work cut out for him!

    • You are definitely correct on the HARMS, those are the ECR's primary weapons and they use them offensively by going hunting. However the ALQ-119 is an US thing, the Jammer in this case is a Cerberus C III ECM pod, and yep, that's a BOZ pod on the starboard wing. Lastly is a pair of Sidewinders for self defence.

  6. said on August 23, 2015

    Is this the old Revell Tonka ? If so I know exactly what you mean " like an egg she'll " and the main undercarriage bays need reinforcing as well ! But it does look good when it's all done and dusted !

    • I am not sure if it is the old, old Revell kit as I a realise that there have been a number of versions. In terms of quality it seems comparable to the 80s era Tamiya Tomcat in the same scale. I believe that Revell is going to reselease this one in September this year with new markings, although I suspect the same parts. I preferred this scheme though.

  7. Striking paint scheme, nice work on the cockpit.

  8. I''m glad you took it out of storage and completed it, you must be very pleased with the finished model.

  9. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Impressive model and work.

  10. Amazing model! Some very impressive attention to detail and a great paint scheme. Once again the cockpit looks brilliant.
    I know what you mean with the decals, I always like to cut them into smaller pieces then align them back together!
    I installed one of those jammers on the bottom of my F16, thought I recognised it! Great work overall mate!

  11. Nice looking Tornado! The tiger decals almost distract from your fine weathering/finishing of the normal surfaces - very nice and subtle. Great job on this one.

  12. Impeccable model Dave. Your attention to detail is staggering! Nice photos too!

  13. Excellent build and well presented. The scheme is awesome !

  14. said on August 31, 2015

    I won't go into full review mode here as much has been written about the basic kit in recent years. For those that haven't had the pleasure of obtaining a Revell Tornado yet, the standard set of mouldings is pictured.

    • Not really sure what you mean Dominick but yeah this is the standard kit. Even though there is a new one due out this year from Revell I suspect it will be the same mouldings.

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