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1/48th Royal Danish Air Force RF-84G

G’day folks.

Latest off the bench for me is Tamiya’s 1/48 F-84G converted to a Royal Danish Air Force RF-84G using the MADS resin set.

I wanted to build something other than a NMF Thunderjet as they are not often seen. Some brief research and I found that the Danes flew them in their regular guise as well as a reconnaissance platform. A bit more research revealed that Hi-Decal did the markings and MADS did the tank. I think the RAF temperate grey/green over PRU blue got it over the line.

The MADS resin set consists of a replacement port tank in the way of a T-33 Fletcher photo recon tank and a vertical camera housing. I believe it was the French that came up with the idea of loading an oblique camera into the T-33 tank of which a few nations followed with the same idea. Located behind the nose gear bay, the vertical camera resulted in the battery being relocated to a different part of the fuselage.

Photos of these aircraft have been hard to come by and for that reason some educated assumptions have been made regarding stencils and the finish of the aircraft. The colour of the emerald green is probably the most dubious part as that can be interpreted many different ways. I had a few issues with the Hi-Decal markings namely the tip tank lightning bolts which ended up being masked and painted after the fragile decal fell apart into several pieces.

In summary…

RF-84G Thunderjet, Reconnaissance Flight, 729th Squadron, Royal Danish Air Force; Karup AFB, spring 1957.

Tamiya 1/48 F-84G – Item 61060
MADS 1/48 F-84G Thunderjet Recce Pod – Item M.Access 004
Quickboost 1/48 F-84G Ejection Seat with safety belts – Item QB 48-493
Hi-Decal 1/48 F-84G Decals – Item HDL 48017
Cutting Edge and Tamiya kit stencils
Gunze acrylic and lacquer paints – (Custom PRU blue)

To the pics…


9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

32 responses to 1/48th Royal Danish Air Force RF-84G

  1. Beautifully modelled, Michael, and good to see this type in a camo finish for a change.

  2. Superbly finished, detailed and photographed, sir. I like that a lot.

  3. Michael, your build is a “Goldilocks” build. Everything in place with the right amount of shading,staining, research, and presentation. A smart,tight build that raises the bar for many who build. I’m constantly amazed at the amount of work being presented that would win honors or titles in many venues that is being presented on iModeler and it looks like a thought went into this build. I’ve got a F-84 on the bench and I’ll be referencing your build. I like the tip tanks and the formation lights and of course the paint job. The wheel wells have some great shading and the gun openings have the appropriate amount of staining. Then there is the canopy finish…

    Yet another strong piece of work worthy of “Model of the Month” .

    Thank you for sharing.

    Two thumbs up.

  4. Anything out of the mainstream in terms of “paint finish” is always a worthy effort, nice build!

  5. Outstanding Michael. I really like it. I really like the different scheme you applied here. Very good work.

  6. Lovely work there Michael.
    Well done mate.

  7. A fine looking build.

  8. Excellent result !

  9. Love that, just love it. Cannot beat green/grey/PRU Blue, such a classy combination of tones.


  10. Beautiful work. Excellent result.

  11. Thanks for the generous comments everyone. They’re appreciated and help get the enthusiasm going for the next build. Hmmm….what next!

    Cheers ‘n’ beers.

  12. Excellent ! Model+images. Nice piece of work.

  13. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    I can not believe what I am seeing, a F-84 THUNDERJET in camouflage.
    So refreshing, I am in par with this line of thought with Craig. Very well done, the Danish markings are even nicer, it makes it more interesting, good work.

  14. I am a BIG fan of the aircraft produced by Republic and the F 84 is an all time favourite of mine!!! I scrutinised every photo and saved them as future reference when I start my 1/48 F 84. This is a real gem and you have brought out the best in this kit. Well done and congrats on a stunning build!!!

  15. Mick, that scheme makes it look like a different airplane.
    Great choice! Good onya!
    Are you going to do an F-84F to go along with it?
    I’m going to look up that decal sheet, thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Bernard. I do have plans for an F-84F. I’ve got the Hobbyboss kit to build. It’ll probably be a dirtied up Greek machine.

      Glad to hear it’s motivated you. If you need any info please let me know. I’ve got a few photos of KA-C with and without the tip tanks.


      • Mick, I’ve always liked NATO from the 50s-60s. I used to read RAF Flying Review, and that got me going, after seeing USAF, mostly. Plus, early on, there wasn’t any modeling magazines.
        Familiar aircraft in exotic (to me) finishes and markings. No aftermarket a-tall.
        When I look in the magazines and see the amount of stuff available, I’m overwhelmed.
        I’ll look forward to seeing the Hobbyboss, I have a Monogram F-84F, which is a favorite of mine. I remember when it was NEW.
        Great stuff!

  16. What a beautiful build, and as others have commented, so refreshing to see an F-84 in a non-natural metal scheme. Beautifully highlighted panel lines and great detail throughout.

  17. Excellent work, it looks great in camo as well. I’ve done the Revell F-84 in 1/48 and would also recommend it to anyone, fit and finish is excellent.

  18. Very impressive, Michael. At first glance, I thought it was a lovely clean build – but then your closeups really show off some wonderful detailing. Nice photography, too. Very nice job.

  19. I really like this! Just did a bit of research and found both the MADS pods (out of stock) and Hi-Decals sets for 1/72 (my scale), so once the pods are back in stock, I plan to duplicate your build in my scale! Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Very nice indeed Michael.Super work!

  21. Hi Mick, a belated “very nice work” from me too.

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