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Airfix 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.22

Back in 1997 Airfix came out with a brace of Spitfire/Seafire kits to knock your socks off. For me, the magic still works & the result is here. This will not be the last of these kits for me as I have another Mk.22 plus the Seafire 47 version to build in due course. For this build I used machined brass cannon, a Tamiya windscreen, which I think is a tad better looking & a vac-form canopy as the original is way too small. The propeller pitch has been improved & a slipper tank added underneath. Decals are mostly from Xtradecal.

The model represents a machine from 73 Sqdn. RAF, based at Ta Kali in Malta, in 1948.
Hope you like it.

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25 responses to Airfix 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.22

  1. Tony, that’s an excellent model! She’s really beautiful, man, you do nice work sir.

  2. Definitely have to give Airfix another look…..good stuff.

  3. Tony, really nice work on one of my favorite version of Spitfires, this is one of those models I will come back too and check out more than once.

  4. Excellent result, Tony. Late mark Spitfires look great, love them 🙂

  5. Those kits really are ‘the bee’s knees.”

  6. Tony, another really fine dio with the backdrop of Malta, sets off the Spit, looks like it belongs there.
    Is this kit available, these days?
    Here in the Colonies, I see the Seafire 46/47, but not this.

    • Hi Bernard. Thanks for the comments. I think the initial release should still be available at swap meets & eBay. You may like to use after market decals as the originals are a bit thick. Hopefully Airfix will decide to re-release it in due course.

  7. That looks really nice Tony. Airfix were so spotty back in the 90s – some great kits like this Spit and the Lightning, and some real dogs like the Buccaneer and Jaguar. Good to see they’ve got their act together nowadays.

  8. Thanks Mike. I can only see Airfix getting better & better. Their forthcoming releases look mouthwatering & possibly they are the only likely sources for more 1/48 kits on my wish list for RAF types.

  9. Personally, I LOVE Spits. This one is a standout !!

  10. Swell looking aircraft build, so many neat variations on a single plane.

  11. Nice build im Like..

  12. Nice Spitfire.The Griffon powered spitfires are my favorites and you did a very good build.

  13. Beautiful built, really, but i’m much impressed by the background/diorama. When i look at your models, i think that WWII is a so stimulating period for highly varied model building and . Thank you for sharing !

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