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Eduard F6F-3 Hellcat in 1/48 scale

Hello iModelers, back from AFV modelling, here is my newest roll out. Its just an ooB build of Eduards Profi Pack F6F-3 kit.
The build was very relaxing until i managed to fight myself. Solving the home made problems took most of the building time.
The markings are from the kit, its Vraicu s plane, the weakest part of the kit are probably the wheels, i will replace them at some time, with resin parts.
Hope you like this one !

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54 responses to Eduard F6F-3 Hellcat in 1/48 scale

  1. Nice buid! Grat!

  2. Great job on this one my friend. Nice weathering!!!! Well done!!!

  3. Very nice build. 🙂

  4. convincing me with this “Cat” Build.


  5. One of Grumman’s best…….nice work and nice photos.

  6. Nice Bernd, a fine build.
    The weathering and exhaust staining is spot on.
    Well done.mate.

  7. You can’t go wrong with Eduard’s Hellcat. Nice one, Bernd.

  8. I can only echo the sentiments expressed above, Bernd…good to see an a/c from ya now and then. 🙂

  9. Nice build as always.

  10. A Hell of a Cat!!! Very nice!!!

  11. One of the finest I’ve seen… Great Work!!

  12. Bernd, nice work here. Having built a couple of these, I agree with tire issue, I actually took the plastic wheels in the kit, added some flat sprue as a spacer and widened them out. It actually worked well, if you want smooth treaded tires. Great job on a great kit.

  13. The kit wheels are from the first release, the real early F6Fs had narrower tires and wheels, I think the first 100 or so. One of the initial profipack choices is an early, landbased one flown by an Ace.
    Some of their later kits have resin wheels, which are available from them (Brassin) or various others aftermarket providers.
    Or you can add to the centers of the wheels, to widen them, as Terry suggested.
    Anybody got any ideas as to how to do the earlier gun fairings?

  14. Oh Yea Bernd! What a fantastic job you have done on this Grumman.
    I took the liberty to save a few photos.
    This is one of my favorites. And one I haven’t built in many years.
    I think it is time.
    Well done.
    California Steve

    • Thank you very much, Steve. Feel free to do so. Why not a Hellcat for your collection, plenty of space for a little electro motor to turn the prop or some lights.
      It will be a much more realistic presentation with unfolded wings, engine running and a pilot in the cockpit.
      May you wish to build a fitting Essex class carrier as well in 1/48 🙂

  15. Hello Bernd…Always good to see a tri-color Hellcat nicely done and you certainly accomplished that with your build. Looks mighty fine.

  16. Good to see something different from you, Bernd, you’ve achieved a lovely finish, with just the right amount of weathering, those exhaust stains look particularly realistic.

    • Thank you very much George, mixing up different modelling themes or categories is much more fun.
      In the last years, i did a 1/48 WWII aircraft, than another one and so on. Nowadays i build aircraft, naval stuff and armor. But building a 1/48 WWII fighter is like coming home.

  17. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very nice Hellcat, the weathering is just well done and no overdone.

  18. EXCELLENT Bernd! Love your Hellcat. I like the exhaust staining over the fuselage. Gregor

  19. Very nice build.

  20. Great looking Hellcat!

  21. Very nicely done Bernd. The paint job & weathering looks spot on!

  22. Superbly done Bernd congratulations.

  23. Very nice, Alex would be proud of you.

    I notice a gap around the base of the windscreen. This is a common problem for modelers who are worried about getting a glue smear on the windscreen getting it to fit. A good trick is to run white glue around that gap. No problem with glue smears, it fills the gap and dries clear so you don’t notice it at all. HTH

  24. Thanks, Tom. And a good idea, smearing putty around clear parts and sanding them is “fun”

  25. I don’ regularly visite this site except when I publish models, so I miss great works ! This is another impressive Hellcat, good job Bernd, it s another painting then mine and in fact i prefer yours with two tones.

  26. Outstanding build, Bernd! I have this kit, and plan on building ‘Gadget’ someday myself. I only hope mine turns out half as well as yours. Really beautiful work!

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