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Ferrari 458. Revell 1/24th Scale.

August 30, 2015 · in Automotive · · 35 · 2K

Well, I said I would build a wheely thing and here she is.
Done in Yellow, to make a change.
Any errors are mine, and I have seen them.
I did a WIP , so you can look there for hidden parts.

Well One kit down, 4 to go before starting anything new.

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  1. Nice work, Simon...I like it.

  2. Really vivid paint job! See it coming (as here) a looong way off! She's a beauty!

  3. Nice finish, Simon. Been watching and expected nothing less. Well done!

  4. Way Cool Simon! And just the color I am going to choose on mine. (If i win the lotto) ? I have enjoyed your work in progress on this. Thank you for posting the procedure.
    California Steve

  5. Nice Ferrari! Some amazing detail there mate inside the cabin and engine, it was a good work in progress to watch as well!
    I don't think many cars suit loud colours, not unless they are outrageously exotic. I think the 458 gets away with being in that category though! I would love to test drive one!
    Only 4 in the stash? I think that needs topped up! I've got 8 in the stash and 2 on the bench but I don't seem to be getting anywhere fast with them unfortunately!

  6. Excellent result after all that hard work, Simon, are you still going to give this to your son? If so, I hope he looks after it!

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    :O ... Very nice work, way better than some DIE CAST renditions.

    • Thank you DE4EVER , it was the first car in many a year that I have built, and sprayed.
      I think that being a simple enough build helped, no rear wings or things to add after the paint job.
      Seeing some of your builds, with all those decals I am glad that it only had a few.

  8. Yeeessss ! You did it ! Excellent work, Simon. It was not an easy build, but you managed every problem and the result is great !
    The Yellow was the right decision, much more unique.

  9. Hey Simon,
    I have been following your build, it looks great, I love the finish you got with the yellow, it looks real good, well done.

  10. Cheers Marc, it made a break from building wingy things, but I need to improve my gloss painting technique though. Too much spraying matt colours

  11. Superb job Simon. It looks the business in yellow.

    • Thanks Gregor mate.
      It is nice to finish her, and get going on the others builds in progress. The colour was chosen to be different from what other wheely things I have in the stash.

  12. The problem with getting on late is that all the good praise has already been heaped on a well done build, so I'll just say ditto the above. Looks great Simon as usual.

  13. I was going to say this build was a learning experience but it turned out too well for that. I followed your WIP & can appreciate your work with the different colors to compliment the kit's details.
    Well built Simon.

  14. Great results with the build!

  15. Beautifully done and great subject choice, that's great...
    I am "all thumbs" so will say "10 thumbs up!"

  16. This is really nice. Good work, Simon.

  17. Looks great, Simon.

  18. Nice clean build, Ferrari always has a "ring" to it's name, your build is a commensurate with the brand's prestige.

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