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New Airfix 1/48 Meteor F. Mk.8!

New announcement from Airfix: 1/48 Meteor F. Mk.8 in 1/48!

10 responses to New Airfix 1/48 Meteor F. Mk.8!

  1. My poor wallet and bank account! Another must have, in all probability. My wife is gonna put my stuff on the lawn, I can see it coming…..

  2. It is such a right choice in 1/48 scale.

    While the Tamiya has done a Meteor Mk. I, I haven’t seen very many of them built – believe that the Mk. 8 with its huge variety of marking options presents a real potential to sell in numbers. Go Airfix!

  3. I truly believe we are in an amazing period for 1/48 aircraft modelers. I am having fun trying to keep up!

  4. I hope Airfix has a 1/48 Supermarine Scimitar or Swift planned for the future. The Meteor night fighter variant would be a nicer option!

  5. Awesome. Finally, the Meteor we’ve been wanting. Is it too much to ask for a Short Stirling while I’m at it? Lol. Or any British bomber of ww2 or before.

    • Welll…..

      In 1/72…

      Italerei has just r eleased a Stirling Mk.I that has gotten decent notices.

      Airfix released an excellent Lancaster that has just been re-released as the FE version with the .50 tail turret.

      Later this year, Airfix is releasing a Whitley V that people who have seen the test shots rave about.

      Given the quality of 1/72 nowadays, I’d take those over 1/48 kits you have nowhere to display the completed model.

  6. Last year I sold Classic airframe inventory and stash
    Meteors Mk.4,7,8,9,13
    for great money.
    Now I will be able to invest in dozen new AIRFIX .but still remained Euros.
    I believe that it will be accurate and buildable kit like all new Airfix


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