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Trumpeter E 25 tank hunter project in 1/35 scale

Hello imodelers,here is another one from my production line. Projects or what ifs are normally not my “thing”.
This build was intended as a birthday present for a good friend, he is playing the World of Tanks game and added a E 25 for his tank garage.

The kit itself is a really good one, the modeller can choose between, rubber band style tracks or plastic single links, different hull tops, mudguards from plastic or PE parts and there are also a lot of tools for the so called Entwicklungsfahrzeug.

At the end of WWII, there were two hulls for production at Allkett in Berlin, so my build is just fantasy.
There are many parts shared with the Panther and Tiger Ausf.B tanks, like the suspension, road wheels, tracks and the gun from the Panther and Jagdpanzer IV, of the later production.
I added also towing cables, mountings for them ( came from a retired StuG III ) and the tube, which includes the cleaning rods for the main gun ( from an also retired Panther )

The build was straight forward, no problems had to be solved. To speed up “production” my girlfriend cut out and cleaned all the single tracks. So its the first finished project, involving “the other modeller, in the house. Are you listening, Craig ? 🙂

The camo scheme was sprayed free hand on, using my Badger 150 airbrush, weathering was done with acrylics.
Ot was the first 1/35 tank in years for me, it was fun, so there will be more stuff in this scale, land on my bench, incl. projects like this one.

Hope you like it.

Best Regards

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33 responses to Trumpeter E 25 tank hunter project in 1/35 scale

  1. Absolutely beautiful Bernd. I like this one very much my friend!!! Well done!!!

  2. Nice work Bernd and Anja.
    Well weathered and finished too.
    Good to see your good lady get in on the act.

  3. This is an interesting subject, and certainly well-modelled, Bernd. You said “It was intended…” Does this mean you are keeping the model now? It would look great in a diorama.

    • Thank you Rob, yes it was only intended, to do the tank in his PC game, we needed informations about the camo and the details.
      After some carefull “interrogations”, we learned, he didn t know anything about his tank in the game and we came to the conclusion, that the effort would be wasted and presented him a coupon for another virtual tank.
      Sometimes i feel a bit “outdated”

  4. Very nice….I applaud you both. Individual track links must have been a pita to all involved, huh? The tank sorta reminds me of a Hetzer . Good work U2. 🙂

  5. Nice build, well photographed.

  6. Looks great! I hate meeting those things in game, they move too fast for me to shoot them so I end up ramming them. Good work nonetheless!

    • Thanks Wes, the only PC game, i did for a while was Il-2 Stormovik
      Everytime, before i ended up as a ( smoking )hole in the ground, the gunner became very offensive but only in russian language 🙂
      After some twenty minutes, i was at my bench, starting to build something. The graphics were very well designed.
      Just two years ago, our friend asked me about to join in, in his game, but i am not a gamer, but the idea of a garage full of tanks was really nice. It was the key for my re start in armor modelling. Since that time, i have done my World of tanks in 1/72 scale, now i am getting back with tanks in 1/35. Fun to build 🙂

  7. It looks sharp. I have an old B & W of Dad standing in front of one.

  8. !!!! Wow !!!! and thank you very much for your compliment, Phil !
    Thats a real document !

  9. This is one ugly tank, but a beautiful model. Well done, Bernd.

  10. Bernd, good thing this didn’t get produced in volume. I can see it being a real headache for Shermans.
    I didn’t know there was a model of this, so I leaned something.
    Eye catching and dangerous piece of equipment.

    • You are probably correct, this would have been a beast of a tank hunter. Trumpeter has a lot of the “E series” tanks out. As well as some rather exotic types, like the Hetzer tank with the recoilless 7,5 cm/L48 gun
      It was my first tank build from the Trumpeter/ Hobby Boss group and it was fun to do it

  11. Very nice Bernd – as Craig said it looks a lot like a Hetzer. Paintwork looks great.

  12. Excellent Bernd. Really well done. Love the photos.

  13. Hi Gregor, thank you very much for the kind words 🙂

  14. Really nice, Bernd. That’s one mean looking beastie. Could you please provide a “how to” guide on getting my wife to do some of the work for me? Actually, I’d settle for giving me more time to do it myself.

  15. Nice work as always Bernd.

  16. Very cool build Bernd!

  17. Awesome tank mate!! It’s all good but especially the tracks! Very impressive.
    I would have congratulated you sooner but I’ve been away for 3 weeks on a rig with terrible internet!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Richard. Always at any time appreciated !
      The tracks are primed with black, after this with a rust color and than some metallic shades. The best metallic effect comes from sanded down graphite from pencils, brushed on.

  18. Another beautifully built and finished tank, Mein Freund!

    Like Steve C., I wish I could interest my wife in helping finish track links and parts. Perhaps my dog Chico would help … never mind. He said he would, but he has no thumbs so he can’t hold an X-Acto knife! I just think he is being lazy. HaHaHa!

    Seriously, great job!

  19. Chico just needs some skills and we all do learn 😉
    Thanks for commenting mate !
    Since my post the kit has landed by my friend in his display, he liked it 🙂

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